Thumbs up: To the greater good. It is still too early to say if the drastic measures being taken at the local, state and federal levels will slow the cases of the coronavirus in the United States. What we do know is that Americans are being asked to sacrifice in their personal, professional and financial lives, for who knows how long. But we will never know if we were overprepared; we will know if we were underprepaired. So far, the awareness and consideration most people have shown is to be commended. This is a crisis the likes of which we have never seen before. It's a crisis that calls to mind some historic, appropriate words: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Thumbs down: To seasons cut short. Just because we understand the sacrifice needed does not mean we need to be happy about all of the cancellations. Pro athletes will muddle through, we are sure of that. But our hearts go out to the young athletes at the high school and college levels who have seen their seasons cut short. And, in some cases, their athletic careers end suddenly, too. The undefeated Perham boys basketball team, for instance, was preparing for an 8AA championship game that now will never happen. There are a lot of stories like that out there, and we are so sorry for those kids affected.

Thumbs up: To good neighbors: When the Lakes Crisis and Resource Center said they were in need, Detroit Lakes responded. The center posted on Facebook late Monday, March 9, that they were in need of some child supplies, as they have 17 kids at their Mary's Place shelter. Eight of those children are still in diapers. Donations began pouring in at 9 a.m. the next morning -- after the Facebook post was shared nearly 400 times. The center received a table full of essentials, plus several monetary donations.

Thumbs down: To the wrong kind of party. After Gov. Tim Walz on Monday, March 16, ordered the temporary closure of Minnesota dine-in restaurants and bars and other public places (theaters, museums, fitness centers and community clubs), we heard and saw too many stories of people congregating for "one last party." The closure order is to stop the spread of the coronavirus; large groups of people getting together is the opposite of what was intended. In fact, before the governor's order, Americans were advised already to self-quarantine in any instances, and avoid groups larger than 10. Is it any wonder why this virus is spreading?

Thumbs up: To new, blue neighbors. Swing by the city parking lot behind the Detroit Lakes Tribune and you will see our new nearby friends: Several big, blue county recycling bins. Since the Boys and Girls Thrift Store moved from its Highway 10 location, Becker County needed to find a new place for this recycling site. We love having recycling so close to our office, and invite folks to use the new bins at 504 Davis Ave. We know that the other county recycling bins have been overflowing, so now is a good time to check out the new location.