I just read GOP candidate Dave Hughes' criticism of Collin Peterson’s vote for the $15 minimum wage (Letter to the Editor, July 24 Tribune). Hughes stated that paying an almost, not quite, living wage is antithetical to our western Minnesota values.

Mr. Hughes, ever try to live, raise a family and pay the bills on a $15 an hour job, even here in rural Greater Minnesota? Try it some time! I’m sure your business supporters will cheer your letter. The GOP is the party of business. But only a few of us own businesses. The rest work for hourly pay and you clearly aren’t talking to us because for many, a bump in our hourly wages would be the difference between making it and not.

I suppose we should elect you to Congress because your Republican Party would match our values. Sure, a tax cut nearly all of which went to the top 1%. Or, cutting billions off Medicare, social security, food stamps and Medicaid to pay for that tax cut. Or, pretending the Russians did not attack our elections and democracy. Or, the great family values of Donald Trump, that paragon of virtue, fidelity and modesty who supports everything that cuts against our values. Western Minnesotans wouldn’t buy a used car from such a name-calling braggart.

Mr. Hughes, you are in the wrong political party to lecture us in Greater Minnesota about values.

Howie Anderson

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