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Letter: Absolute power corrupts absolutely

President Donald Trump is too much I and not enough us!

It seem that Republicans (as far as President Trump is concerned) equate themselves as the only decent Bible-believing Christians (citizens that follow Christian teachings). We all have our own beliefs of what is morally acceptable behavior.

Just because others do not follow him (Donald Trump) to the "T" and believe every word that comes out of his mouth (by calling everything he disagrees with FAKE news) others are not as Christian as he is.

He wants a wall to keep others from coming across our border, but this wall can keep us in as well as keeping others out.

President Trump says "I can do whatever I want with the Department of Justice." He stated he wants government to have the ability to remove people who undermine the public trust. How will this be determined? Does it mean that if a person says anything about what they feel is going

on that they see is unlawful THEY will lose their job?

Maybe I'm the only one who didn't realize that President Trump was elected to be the dictator of the United States.

What about loyalty to the United States of America instead of loyalty to himself and his own agenda?

President Trump also stated "I can pardon even myself." Why would he need to do this if he never does anything wrong?

After all "absolute power corrupts absolutely."—Carol Strache, Frazee