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Letter: If we're so hardy, why an indoor Vikings stadium?

As expected, or should have been expected, much of the national media

attention during Super Bowl Week focused on our local weather. More

perplexing though is how some of our leaders have described it.

For example, Zygmunt Wilf, owner of the Minnesota Vikings and major benefactor of the largest public fleecing in state history — the $500 million public contribution to build the "Peoples Stadium" — was quoted this week to say, "It's only cold here three months a year."

Mr. Wilf's remark is more a testament to the amount of time the New York billionaire actually spends here in the "Bold North" than a description of the Minnesota climate.

Not to be outdone, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said in his welcoming video address to super bowl visitors: "We embrace the cold here." Which begs the question, if we hardy Minnesotans "embrace" the cold, why did we

build a $1 billion "indoor" stadium?—Mike Connell, Detroit Lakes