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Letter: More needs to be done to protect school kids

We constantly see tragedies that unfold in places like Parkland, Florida, and nothing seems to change with gun control. Well, this time, the kids of the school are demanding change and law enforcement.

Perhaps it's time for "Student Councils" across the state demand that their legislators make some changes. Our Congressman Collin Peterson has accepted nearly $20,000 from the NRA and just recently voted for "The Conceal and Carry" bill and yet still opposes background checks, banning the AR 15 (assault weapons), expand mental health treatment, ammo purchase limits, etc.

He respectfully waits out these horrific events—like Las Vegas—and moves on. It's time "kids" demand change. This change must come from Republicans and Democrats. Our congressman does excellent work on the farm bill, but does little to protect kids! Perhaps, it's time "kids" take control and start with student councils in our schools ... since adults seem to be indifferent? —Jerry Horgen, Henning