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Letter: Trump's erratic behavior is dangerous

How does a nation slip into a dictatorship? Do what Trump is doing by firing people right and left? This alone creates chaos in our government. His erratic behavior is dangerous.

President Trump is driving our country into the ground and Putin is most likely very happy to see this.

Trump said during the campaign that he knows more than the generals do.

Many people are pretending that our country is in good shape, when the whole government is going downhill because of President Trump.

This is like the story about the Emperor's New Clothes because a lot of adults do not see what is going on. The U.S. is sure lucky to have a president who knows everything. He doesn't need anyone to confide in because of this knowledge. Even the Republicans are afraid of losing their jobs so they go along with his dictatorship. Are government employees loyal to the president or are they loyal to our country?

Our nation has always prided itself in being a democracy. We have had checks and balances in our government, which seem to be lost under President Trump's leadership. I hope something is being done in the Congress to stop this craziness. We love America, but this is not the America we have known.

How can any other country respect the United States with a president like Donald Trump and the Republican Party that goes along with him?—Carol Strache, Frazee