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Letter: Here’s why there’s never a cop around when you need one

I guess I will consider myself blessed that for the last 60-plus years, I have not had the occasion to require assistance of any kind from either a law enforcement agency or a fire department.

And other than an occasional “where’s a cop when you need one?” as a speeding car flies past you or someone pulls out in front of you, I have not had cause to stop and think about them or their jobs to “protect and serve.”

During the past year, however, we have found ourselves, on more than one occasion, needing both law enforcement and the fire department. One might say our “luck ran out.”

Not a believer in luck -- good or bad -- I need to say we are still blessed, just in a new and different way.

With each call, there was someone on the other end to hear -- to listen -- to advise -- to respond -- to protect -- to serve.

Had we been given the choice, we would probably chosen to skip this last year and go on complacently complaining about the speeders and the poor drivers and other injustices that go on around us on a daily basis, and wonder where in the world they are?

But I’ve been made the wiser. I know where they are when you need them -- they’re responding to a frantic mother or a frantic child or literally saving someone’s child, niece, nephew, grandchild, parent, etc.

Or they’re fighting a structure fire under less than desirable conditions to contain it to just one structure. I have not seen a group of volunteers respond faster or work harder than they did that night, and who do so regularly.

So today I feel blessed and grateful to all those who serve and protect our community daily. Thank you for choosing the path you’ve chosen.

From a grateful parent. -- Karen Stenerson-Eifealdt, Detroit Lakes