I must respond to the article "DL students get lesson on government from

Collin Peterson." I was pleased as I read through it all, liking the message

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given to the kids -until the last paragraph. I was greatly disturbed by his

suggestion to the kids to "stop watching things like MSNBC and Fox News.

'That's all propaganda,' he said...." !!

I strongly disagree with that recommendation, especially as one that is given to our students in an educational setting where asking questions is the heart of it all. There are many ways to get information during turbulent times in our country, but pulling away our reliance on those who ask questions as part of the freedom of the press is not the way to go.

If something feels like propaganda, ask more questions! If something feels off or crazy or one-sided, ask more questions! If Fox News seems one-sided, ask questions! If MSNBC seems one-sided, ask questions.

Write in! Get them to look more closely at the issues! But for heaven's sake don't turn off the gateways to the potential for true investigative reporting just because it is hard to listen to.

So to DL students I say: please exercise your ability to ask questions in this free society where we have freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Do not call it propaganda and dismiss the efforts of those who are trying to find and report the truth. Thanks! - Cheryl L. Downey, Burnsville