U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson voted against President Trump's national

emergency declaration at the border, a declaration that is aimed at

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preventing illegal crossings. Does Rep. Peterson realize that

there IS an emergency at the border? Does he realize he is supporting chaos and lawlessness, or does he just not care? Rep. Peterson and his Democrat colleagues are not allowing our immigration process to be enforced, a process that the legislature initially put in place.

There is a crisis at the border. More than 2,000 unvetted illegals are

apprehended at the southern border every day. Since the beginning of this

fiscal year, there have been more than 268,000 illegals that have been

apprehended by border patrol agents, up from 97% from the previous year.

In February alone, 76,000 illegals were apprehended or arrested at the southern border (New York Times - March 5, 2019), this is enough to fill the U.S Bank Stadium, and then some!

If Rep. Peterson truly didn't want Trump to declare a national

emergency, then why didn't he support him on securing the southern border?

To the Democrats, this is a political move, a move at the expense of the

American people and our safety (disease contained, and criminals vetted).

The situation at the border is at a breaking point and won't get better

unless Democrats put partisan politics aside, work with President Trump on

securing the southern border, and work together on effective immigration


We need immigrants coming to America using the legal immigration process, they need to be vetted, and legal. The people of Minnesota ask this of Rep. Peterson: What's more important to you? The safety of the

people you represent or the illegal aliens who cross the border? The choice is simple. - Mary Koralewski, Glencoe