Warning, this snippet may start off dark but will soon go to the lighter side!

Our beloved family pet goat "Manda Panda" was abducted during the early morning hours of a recent Tuesday. My daughter Andrea posted a plea for her return on Facebook which immediately went viral (5,996 shares on her post alone). The snowball effect of that initial post multiplies to over 11,000 shares to date. This story pulled at many readers heart strings since triplet babies were left behind. A Fargo TV station even came and filmed a segment for the evening news.

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The outreach and support of our community was amazing. Offers immediately came in to help secure buildings, install cameras, deliver meals and bottle feed baby goats. Friends from the past, people I have never spoken to and those closest to us all offered up assistance as need be.

It is humbling how our small town (and beyond) gathered in common mission. The peace and comfort from knowing good prevails in "our hometown" eases our loss. It makes you think we are so fortunate to live in Detroit Lakes. It also makes you wonder if those who live in larger cities experience this type of community bonding. I for one know small town living is the life for me.

Thanks to all who reached out, shared our story and vow to find Manda Panda. Please know your efforts, prayers and concern are gratefully appreciated.

To some this may seem a frivolous news story, but to many more it touched deep within. Manda Panda's rally cry has been heard. To date we have no leads in the abduction, but her three babies are doing well. The two bucklings were adopted to a loving home in RLF having previous experience with bottle babies and our little girl Ginger Snap will stay with us forever.

Thank you Detroit Lakes ... you are the best! - the Jim Brogren family, Detroit Lakes