Regarding the display of Confederate flags around the area: Perhaps people need to be reminded what that the "stars and bars" Confederate battle flag stands for.

It was the symbol of a treasonous rebellion against the United States in order to protect the right to enslave human beings for economic gain. The Civil War is the bloodiest war in American history with over 650,000 dead.

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To display this flag is like displaying the Nazi swastika, because they both were symbols of oppression and attacks on America and its values.

The president recently praised the commanding general of the rebellion, Robert E. Lee, as a great general. The fact is Lee deserted the U.S. Army to lead a treasonous rebellion against our nation.

Let's remember the power of symbols. The stars and bars, which I have seen displayed in a number of towns in our area since the 2016 election, has no place in our nation. It is a symbol of oppression, treason and death, not heritage.- Howie Anderson, Ponsford