Last session, Minnesota's Legislature tried to pass a bill to require a Planned Parenthood-approved sex education curriculum for all public school students.

It is called Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) and it is so explicit that your child's regular teacher wouldn't even be expected to teach it. Individuals from pro-abortion groups and gender identity activists will be allowed into schools to show it to the students.

CSE provides pornographic images and details about sex to young kids. For example, fourth graders (age 10) will be taught how to engage in sex from the Planned Parenthood book, "It's Perfectly Normal." The threat of CSE making it into Minnesota law next session is real!

Minnesota parents rallied at the State Capitol in September to let the Legislature know that they do not want this so-called education for their children. For more information, go to and see if your Minnesota representative fought against CSE.

Janine Hanson

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