I have been traveling abroad so am just now reading the column by Isaac Orr in the Oct. 20, 2019, edition of the Tribune ("3 reasons Walz’s plan to impose California car mandates is wrong," Opinion).

Your readers should know the Center of the American Experiment, Mr. Orr’s employer, draws support from the fossil fuel industry and consistently questions the reality of CO2’s impact on the changing climate, despite millennia of data, and opposes efforts to deal it. Mr. Orr’s arguments against Gov. Walz’s proposal to encourage hybrid and electric vehicles are consistent with his employer’s history of climate change denial.

The car industry is truly global and U.S. and foreign car makers are steadily increasing the number and variety of electric and hybrid vehicles. As a result, electric SUVs, pickup and delivery trucks, for example, are either in the pipeline or in car maker showrooms.

Gov. Walz’s proposal will not affect the range of choices Minnesota car buyers will have, nor will it force Minnesotans to by vehicles they don’t want or that are not safe. Climate change is a global, not a U.S. problem. What Minnesota does will not solve the problem, but it can contribute to dealing with it. Gov. Walz’s proposal deserves support.

Ken Brill

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