Good grief, what’s next?

Now some Trump supporters claim "the chosen one" is a better POTUS than Abraham Lincoln was. Really? Please look at and realize that Putin’s Russia has no Constitution or Bill of Rights, but does have only one loyalty oath or else. Everybody knows that, right?

What’s at stake here is our collective national security and Constitution, period. There are no equivalencies to Trump’s moral corruption and his carpet-bagging indicted and convicted associates and employees. There is only one Constitution, not two, with only one loyalty oath. Our collective American Constitution is a stand-alone, living document with only one loyalty oath, period.

Many of us wore and are wearing uniforms, including police officers, and have put our lives on the line and our skin in the game. We all served and are now serving for our collective democracy, our collective stand-alone Constitution, and our children’s future, period. Everybody knows that, right?

The impeachment process must proceed, to clear the air and clear our eyes to truth and decency. The years of pandering by the theocrats has devolved into a Scientology-like cult, without the science.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is clearly respecting her oath of office and acting fully presidential.

Everybody knows that, right?

The "art of the deal" requires empathy, respect, decency, truth and trust. Everybody knows that, right?

Leland Jenson

Detroit Lakes