From the sham impeachment to the outright embrace of socialism, the Democrat Party of today is unrecognizable and leaving conservative/moderate Democrats like me behind.

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party has become the party of tyranny and the illusion of power. Their desire to impeach and remove the president has been wildly apparent since President Trump was elected.

Frustrated that they had wasted two years waiting for the Mueller investigation, time has slipped away as they grasp at “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress,” but Democrats in the House can’t tell us one such violation of the Constitution that the President has done in their unconstitutional impeachment.

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party believes it is necessary to impeach so the president will not be elected to a second term. All of this reveals the true nature of the Democrat Party, the belief that they know what is best.

Clearly the mark of a tyrant, this will be a gift to Republicans in 2020.

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Maybe instead of hating our president, people should reflect on the great things he has done for America. For instance: Lowest unemployment for 50 years, soaring stock market, trade agreements, immigration control, etc. While President Trump has been busy working, the Democrat majority-controlled House as done nothing for “We the People” of this nation.

Throughout all of this there is one person I am extremely respectful of and thankful for, and that is our Congressman U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson. He had the savvy and courage to vote nay on the inquiry for impeachment and the articles of impeachment proposal. Job well done!

Kenneth R. Pearson

Detroit Lakes