History records that the first political question for the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was: How ought we to live our lives together? Some 47 years ago now, Our U. S. Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that we can discard the unborn human child from the definition of the “we” that is referenced in Aristotle’s question.

Abortion rights have cut a deep gash right down through the center of America’s soul, and we may ask what perverse definition of liberty comes forth to pit itself against the dignity of human life?

Abortion pits the born against the unborn. It pits the mother against her own unborn child. It pits the strong against the weak and the vulnerable. It pits a totalitarian mindset to demand control against democratic governance by respectful discussion and counting the majority vote. It pits language distortion and manipulation against language integrity. It pits one major political party against the other. The soul of our American nation has been split into a treacherous division of two hostile parts.

One generation ago, the defining moral issue in our land was the enslavement of and discrimination against non-white people groups. But America raised the moral momentum to stop this evil practice; we faced the Civil Rights issues of the time. The defining moral issue of the present generation is abortion rights.

Again, the question: “How ought we to live our lives together?” In a healthy nation, no one accepts and celebrates the shedding of innocent blood.

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Donald Tobkin

Detroit Lakes