I just went to MnDOT to complete the process for an enhanced Minnesota driver's license. I brought options to prove my address, along with my birth certificate, current driver's license and Social Security card. What was disturbing to me is that my property tax statement, phone bill and DL-Online.com invoice were not legitimate options -- even though all contained my address.

Kind of ridiculous! Guess I can’t be trusted.

Since September 2001 changes have been made to enhance the security of our country. Mostly good, some maybe not so much. And maybe we just do a poor job of enforcing some of the rules.

Only a few generations ago my ancestors came to this country via the “proper channels.” I am all for legal immigration and a diverse society, that’s what makes this a great place to live. At some point in the development of this country we decided it was a good idea to have some guidelines and processes to move forward as a free nation. It is far too late to go back 400 years and declare that anyone who is not of 100% Native American lineage is illegal.

So the question becomes, do we continue down this path of making it more difficult for legal residents of our nation to be "qualified" to move about? And, do we also continue to make it easier for our social and economic resources to be swallowed up by the technically nonqualified while our deserving such as veterans go without?

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If you don’t like the direction we are headed, this is the year to speak up for change.

Gaylen Weisenburger

Detroit Lakes