Why do pro-life voters in the 7th District of Minnesota continue to vote for Collin Peterson? They think he’s pro-life when he is really trying to appease radical pro-death Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party while masking his true views from the majority of voters in the 7th District who are pro-life. He knows that if he doesn’t give Pelosi what she wants, he will be tossed out of his plum position as head of the agriculture committee. And, should he fail to hide his true views on abortion, the voters of the 7th District will toss him out of office.

Toss him out we must! His National Right to Life (NRTL) rating is only at 55% while his Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) rating recently fell from 56% to 50%. That puts him in poor company with every Republican in the Minnesota delegation who are all rated at 100% by both NRTL and MCCL.

Collin Peterson recently voted with his pro-death Democrat colleagues to revive an amendment that would remove all protections that have been fought for by pro-life legislators to protect unborn babies. MCCL President Leo LaLonde said that, "Congressman Peterson's vote today is a vote for expanding abortion."

Why should we let this two-faced charlatan continue to represent us?

Paul Lysen

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