Data from the 2020 Census will determine how much of the federal taxes that Minnesotans paid will return to Minnesota to fund schools, infrastructure repairs, transportation planning, Medicare, energy assistance, civil rights and advocacy programs and more.

It’s critical for representation, as Minnesota could possibly lose one of our eight congressional districts. This would mean that our representatives would have larger geography in their district boundaries. It also would mean that our representation at the state level could be from a suburban location and have a much more divided loyalty in terms of rural/metro issues.

Here is what you (yes, you!) can do to help make a big impact on increasing Minnesota’s response rate:

  1. Fill out your Census form as soon as you are notified. Residents will begin receiving their notice after March 12, which will invite them to fill out their Census form online. If you’re not comfortable with online submission or lack access to the internet, the notice also will list a number to call to provide your answers to a Census worker over the phone. Still unsure? You can call to request a paper form be sent out to you.
  2. Tell your friends, neighbors, relatives, and strangers how important the Census is to our community.
  3. Hashtag on social media: #EveryoneCounts in #Census2020. #WeCountMN!
  4. If you have five or more hours a week and would like to earn some extra money, apply for a Census job. Current openings pay $19 per hour and include paid training and mileage reimbursement. Learn more at

The Census is a critical part of the U.S. government. Please help Minnesota be the most responsive state in the nation.

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Jill Amundson

West Central Initiative and Complete Count Committee member

Fergus Falls