While public health and scientists continue to beg public officials to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Republicans from the president to governors, and sadly, Republicans in our state Legislature continue to politicize the crisis by criticizing the prudent and scientifically sound stay-at-home order of Gov. Walz and other governors (of both parties).

Republican state Senate leader Paul Gazelka, state Sen. Paul Utke, who represents all of Becker County except Detroit Lakes, and others of their party rave about how the economy will be ruined if we take these necessary measures.

It seems as if Republicans worry more about money than our lives. Perhaps these Republican politicians should migrate to Mississippi where the Republican governor has overruled prudent Republican city leaders and ordered business as usual, or Texas where the Republican lieutenant governor suggests that we grandparents should be willing to die to save the economy rather than follow the direction of our best health and scientific minds.

How long will Republican voters continue to ignore science?

Howie Anderson

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