Amy Wilde’s recent letter (“Exaggerations and lies about Peterson’s record,” Opinion, March 25) suggests that Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) “has become more of an arm of the Republican Party and less of a supporter of women facing a difficult pregnancy.”

That’s not true. MCCL has always been and remains a nonpartisan pro-life organization. Our political action committees support both pro-life Republicans and pro-life Democrats.

Wilde claims that, when she herself ran for office, three of the questions on the MCCL candidate questionnaire she received “had little or nothing to do with being pro-life” but rather concerned “political” and “right-wing positions.” The truth is that all of MCCL’s questions for candidates — which include a question about the free speech rights of nonprofits and PACs like MCCL (the only question to which Wilde seems to allude) — are relevant to the advancement of our pro-life mission.

Wilde tries to defend Collin Peterson’s voting record, but she does not seem very familiar with it. In the current (2019-20) term, Peterson voted for an appropriations bill that would have overturned the pro-life Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy, which prevents funding of groups that perform or promote abortion overseas. And he voted to advance the Equal Rights Amendment, which would be used (just as state-level versions of the amendment already have been) as a legal tool to try to eliminate pro-life laws and impose taxpayer funding of abortion.

This record leaves little doubt that pro-life Minnesotans — both Republicans and Democrats — should have serious concerns about Collin Peterson.

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Paul Stark

Communications Director, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life