In April, President Trump called the United States Postal Service a joke and refused to provide any help to maintain local post offices. It is evidently his desire to see the 617,000 post office employees placed on unemployment. He wants all our mail delivered by private carriers by June of 2020.

I can send a letter through the post office to anywhere in the United States for 55 cents. Private carriers like UPS cost several times that amount with about the same level of efficiency. These carriers have nothing in place for regular mail, and a letter would cost $9 to send according to their website.

The post office is an essential employer that has continued to run despite losing most of its profitable business. They keep private carrier rates in check by the federal regulations that they must abide by. Without this competition, private carriers will be able to charge anything they want, and you will have to pay it, just like big pharmaceutical companies are doing right now.

Consider two things that devastate small rural communities. When they lose their school and when they lose their post office. Closing rural post offices will directly hurt the citizens of northern Minnesota and this is not acceptable.

There are now three policies the Republican Party, under Trump, has clearly communicated they are strongly in favor or: 1. Closing down our local post offices; 2. cutting Social Security, and 3. cutting Medicare. I hope you keep this in mind this November.

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Donald Johnson

Detroit Lakes