A man who has 12 DWI convictions and, even though required to use an interlock device, doesn’t have one is pulled over and charged with a 13th. For this, he gets 87 months stayed for 84 months, 57 days in jail with credit for time already served and a whopping $1150 in fines and fees.

Is the state of Minnesota/Becker County trying to produce another Danny Bettcher?

Does he have to kill a child before he gets a real sentence? His backside should be in jail RIGHT NOW. DWI court is fine when you have had your first, second, and possibly third DWI, after that your backside should be locked up and your vehicle(s) confiscated and sold, the proceeds going to a Drunk Driver Victim Charity. Maybe 13 years of drinking toilet wine (one year per conviction) would help him lose his thirst for drink. And Danny’s record will be safe forever.

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