Letter: Clamp down on the source of drugs

Lindsey and Brian Cooksey with son, Knox. (Courtesy photo)

I am responding to the great article about Lindsey Cooksey ( “Five years clean, Lindsey Cooksey reflects on her meth addiction,” Tribune, June 7 ). Thanks reporter Desiree Bauer!

I have met and worked with several people, most with alcohol problems, which is a very hard sell when our city sells the stuff and not only that posts the profit from it in the annual budget.

But I am involved in a men’s group at our church that is making a difference.

Here is my question: Where are these people on meth and other drugs getting this stuff? Why can’t we find the source and snuff it out?

We have had a “War on Drugs” since Nancy Reagan started it back in the ‘80s. That’s 40 years.


I just think if we could clamp down on the suppliers of these drugs and make the penalty stronger, it would help.

Lowell P. Hunt

Detroit Lakes

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