Letter: Counter the Mar-a-Lago faithful

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From J. William Fulbright (former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee):

“Who are these self-appointed emissaries of God who have wrought so much violence in the world? They are men with doctrines … who believe some cause without doubt and their beliefs without scruple, men who cease to be human beings … and become instead living, breathing embodiments of some faith or ideology, setting out upon self-appointed missions to make their fellow men rich, happy and free, and instead bringing misery to their intended beneficiaries and destruction upon themselves. Religiosity is a mark of weakness and self-doubt, rather than of strength and self-assurances. The true mark of greatness is not stridency, but magnanimity.”

Today our American "chosen one" in collusion with his fundamentalist brethren, is resurrecting the confederate god and propping up the traitors as martyrs for redemption for an evil, morally abhorrent "lost cause." The Trump party continues with the southern strategy delivered by the fundamentalist religious complex to plant the seeds of division with hate, bigotry and ignorance.

Weeding the garden of democracy is long overdue and the roots are deep. This DNA is in all of us, but then, so is decency and self-respect.

Our nation for some has become a nation of sheep and we are in desperate need for the God of Abraham Lincoln and many of you to step forward to counter those that worship at the temple of Mar-a-Lago.


Leland Jenson

Detroit Lakes

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