Letter: Forum Editorial Board really missed the mark on Jensen endorsement

Jensen’s one quixotic adventure in government gave us a view of how he would work as governor. His state Senate record, well, there really is no record. Even his GOP colleagues were very glad to see him go. He is a contrarian on policy, and sadly, on discerning the truth.

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DETROIT LAKES — Let me be the first to say “what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive,” in response to your endorsement of Scott Jensen.

He is on record as being a “no exceptions, ban all abortions” guy. Now he says something different.
On public education, he could only parrot the GOP mantra of “It’s a black hole.” Now he has changed his mind for expediency sake.

And if you believe him, look to the GOP-appointed U.S. Supreme Court Justices who agreed in Senate confirmation hearings that “Roe v Wade is settled law,” and at the first opportunity threw out 49 years of “settled law.”

In his own field of medicine, Jensen nearly lost his medical license for pushing unproven or untrue information about the efficacy of covid vaccines. He even suggested that covid deaths were over-counted, to what end I cannot imagine, when all of medical science agreed the number of deaths were vastly undercounted.

While you may agree with Jensen on abortion, Covid and public education, the Forum Communications Co. Editorial Advisory Board cannot have it both ways. How can Jensen’s admitted failures be treated as “he learned his lesson,” while Walz’s candid admission of places he failed in key situations, during once-in-a-century challenges, be found “disqualifying?”


The Editorial board is weaving an ever more tangled web, the further one reads on in the endorsement statement.

Perhaps even more puzzling (or really, disingenuous) is your statement “Minnesota doesn’t have time for more on-the-job training by its governor,” and then endorse Jensen, who has no executive branch experience?

In fact, Jensen’s one quixotic adventure in government gave us a view of how he would work as governor. His state Senate record, well, there really is no record. Even his GOP colleagues were very glad to see him go. He is a contrarian on policy, and sadly, on discerning the truth.

He was a constant pain in the neck for the entire Senate, just as he has been in medicine. I think we are dealing with another Jesse Ventura, our last contrarian governor. The difference is, Jesse had too much integrity to lie about his true positions on issues. I know, because my late wife was in his cabinet for a time. What Jesse lacked was not candor. He lacked a filter but mostly told the truth. Jensen, not so much.

And at a time when Minnesotans are so politically divided, the very last thing we need in the Governor’s Office is a person who even divided his own caucus in the State Senate. Minnesota does not need a man in the Governor’s Office who so enjoys aggravating others.

Jensen’s criticism of government overreach by Walz is ironic. Compare statistics about Covid deaths with states that agree with Jensen – like both Dakotas – on covid deaths on Walz’s watch.

If Scott Jensen had been governor during the heart of the pandemic and followed his GOP North and South Dakota gubernatorial colleagues' lack of action on Covid restrictions, another 5,700 Minnesotans would likely have died, as South Dakota deaths were 345 per 100,000 citizens, North Dakota lost 313 per 100,00 citizens and Minnesota lost 244 residents per 100,000 citizens. Jensen’s criticism about Walz overreach to protect Minnesotans makes it clear how lucky we were that Scott Jensen was not our governor.

On Jensen’s campaign trail criticism of crime statistics on Walz’s watch, more irony. GOP-run states have had even higher serious crime increases than Minnesota and other blue states. Think of the percentage of homicides in Oklahoma and New York City. Oklahoma’s increase per capital is higher.


Yet Jensen again only parrots GOP false narratives on crime that simply aren’t true.

My overall disappointment in the endorsement was, as the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, “everyone has a right to their own opinion, but not their own facts.” In this age when truth is under siege, and where the GOP embraces “alternative facts,” The Forum Communications Editorial Advisory Board should have remembered that, as the Washington Post masthead reads, “Truth dies in darkness.”

Scott Jensen is not allowed his own alternative facts about his record, and the Forum Communications Editorial Board has fallen short of bringing light to the darkness and lies of our present political scene.

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