Letter: Staying on the road to heaven

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In our justice system, when someone is murdered, their loved ones want to see some kind of justice served, jail time or capital punishment of the one who did it.

Can you then not feel that the millions of the unborn being purposely killed in our world now may be asking our Christian god for some kind of justice as well?

In reading many messages from different sources, I believe we all agree that until we stop killing God’s gift of new life, we cannot expect his blessings and protection.

When and where have we made a wrong turn? Does it seem like we have lost our way, gotten on the wrong road somehow? Were not the Ten Commandments given to Moses like signposts to keep us on the road to heaven? Is it possible that seeing us lost on a wrong road, that a loving God feels invited to point out the way to the right road?

I see the increasing number of record-breaking disasters as God’s effort to call us back to the Christian values he gave us. We are all blessed that our loving God is trying so hard to bring us to recognize the need to love, not hate, to nurture life, not kill; that when our time comes we may share in his resurrection.


As we all share in our Lord’s passion this Lenten season, may we all look forward to a heavenly resurrection!

David Pawlitschek


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