Letter: Support those who support you

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As a local business owner these are five words that I believe in deeply.

As we all know the coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone in one way or another. It is also affecting many of our local businesses and will continue to affect them for many months to come.

We live in one of the best communities in the great USA and we have proven in the past that this great community can accomplish great things: We have opened up the mountain, we have opened up a great community center and recently just opened up the new Boys and Girls Club, to mention a few.

I would like everyone at this difficult time to support your local businesses now and in the future as well.

These business are the ones that support all the local sporting events, school activities, local fundraisers and, bottom line, support this community big time.


The last time I checked I don’t see Amazon buying Girl scout cookies from our local kids, coming to support the DLCCC, the Mountain, our local businesses, etc. etc. ... you get my point.

So please, support those who support you.

DL pride, people, DL pride!

Terry Maier

Team Laboratory Chemical President

Detroit Lakes

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