Letter: Times change, political parties change

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A recent rally was held at the Wildwoods Convention Center in New Jersey, in response to Jeff Van Drew’s invitation to President Trump to come in support of his re-election. Van Drew is the congressman who left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party. He voted against the House impeachment of President Trump.

While New Jersey is a “blue state” and Van Drew was elected as a Democrat, he found that their goals and values had become that which he could no longer support. With much courage he went with his heartfelt convictions.

Many people braved the cold for over a day to get into the convention hall. About 175,000 people asked for tickets, leaving many to watch on a large outside screen. I would say they were showing their support to Van Drew's decision to change parties.

Years ago as a farmer, my dad and I would vote the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, it just seemed the right thing to do then. But times have changed. Goals and values change so sometimes we must change as Van Drew did.

As an older person, I am concerned we could be the next target by the party of death. Planned Parenthood contributes millions of dollars to the Democratic campaigns to keep their legal right to kill babies. As we old folk become a liability to the state, then what?


I would really encourage all people of voting age to get a copy of the party platforms, study them to see which party represents your values best. Please do not sit on the sidelines, the next election is way too important!

Dave Pawlitschek


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