LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Concerned about abortion? Look beyond yourself

I pray you read these words in a voice of compassion. They are meant as such because now is the time to not feed into the anger, outrage, and vile attacks meant to intimidate.

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To the Editor:

I had a conversation with an acquaintance who was upset about the leak at the Supreme Court which could possibly overturn Roe vs. Wade.

This, by the way, doesn’t take away the right for women to get abortions. Rather, it turns the power for these decisions back to the states. Before you ditch reading the rest of the story, hang in there, you might gently see another side to the side you thought you were on.


This individual was not upset it was leaked. Rather, they were upset it could possibly be overturned. She voiced her concerns and I voiced mine.

Here are some thoughts that were shared.

To care for and protect the health of the mother was important. We both agreed on that. How that could be achieved while not having an adverse affect on the safety of the child now involved in the decision was something we spoke about, as well.

The other spoke about pregnancies being barriers for women. My questions to consider were these: Are there barriers for the child? Are there better and more dignified ways to respect a woman’s choice? After all, many women grieve deeply because of the trauma of abortion. Might there be other ways for women to be given a choice while still protecting the ongoing life of the child?

I couldn’t help but wonder aloud: How does one person’s life supersede that of another? We agreed that there are times when women become pregnant under duress. What I continue to not understand is why the baby deserves the death penalty for that.

Victimization of women can take place on many levels and one way is when women abort other women. The abortion industry takes away opportunities for future women.

Once life has been detected, the choices given to women are two: Will they be the mother of a living child? Or will you be the mother of a child who is no longer living? Either way, they carried life in the womb which was created to be the safest place for any child.

As I’d just heard a speaker on the radio giving this rationale, I shared it: “Choosing death as a solution to the problem is deception. To say death is a solution would be a reversal of God’s order."


Perhaps the problem lies in the lies fed. It’s easy to feed into it if we don’t see the Designer, because if we don’t see the Designer, then we can’t see His design. And if we can’t see the design, then we will have little regard for its value.

Once we have little regard for the value of that which He has designed, then it is ourselves we look to for the solution. Soon, we are willing to sacrifice the life of another for the sake of our own. And this, I might add, is a complete reversal of what Christ did for us. Remember? He sacrificed His life on behalf of us. He gave up His life so we wouldn’t have to give up ours.

I pray you read these words in a voice of compassion. They are meant as such because now is the time to not feed into the anger, outrage, and vile attacks meant to intimidate. Now is the time to not only continue in prayer but to give voice so others will not be intimidated by tactics used.

1 Samuel 3:9 says, “Speak, Lord. Your servant is listening.”

May we soon have generations that will rise up and call Him blessed because you and I listened to their still small voices long before they could utter a cry other than the one in utero.

With deep respect for all of life.

—Kathleen Kjolhaug, rural Clearbrook

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