LETTER TO THE EDITOR: How's that Democratic Party working out for you?

There's no way to get around having to pay for the Democrat policies resulting in soaring inflation, says the letter writer.

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To the Editor:

So how’s that Democrat party working out for you?

There's no way to get around having to pay for the Democrat policies resulting in soaring inflation. Their war on oil and coal production in the U.S. was ramped up with Joe Biden's first moves shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and oil drilling in many areas. This is the real cause of oil prices surging, which causes all prices to rise.


At the same time, Biden signed on to lift the stoppage of Russia's NordStream 2 pipeline, which made it quite clear whose side he's on. You wouldn't be seeing Ukraine devastated by Russia if Biden hadn't been put into office, because Putin knew that he couldn't push president Trump around as he does the Democrats.

Remember then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s "Reset" button she handed Russia ? Didn't appease then, nor does it now, so food will continue with soaring prices.

Their solution is to force you to buy electric cars, and subsidize wind and solar energy. Democrats don't care that their agenda to decarbonize Minnesota alone needs 4% of global copper production, 18% of global nickel production, and 164 % of global cobalt production. By the way, most of that metal comes from China, because Democrats block mining in the U.S., too.

Gov. Walz’ plan to force us into "green" energy is estimated to cost considerably above $500 per family annually, but that's just the beginning. You can't imagine what food prices will do when farmers try harvesting with electric machinery that can't operate 24-7 like real combines and tractors do. If you think I'm kidding, a lot of people thought we were fools when warning of extremist environmentalists going after your SUVs several years ago.

I could go on about Democrats destroying women's athletics by promoting the policy of letting men compete with women because they pretend they are women.

Democrats are destroying progress made in becoming the colorblind society that Martin Luther King worked for with their pushing Critical Race Theory throughout our country. Don’t forget the surge in crime in Democrat-controlled areas. Democrats never hesitated to excuse Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters for burning down buildings and looting stores. According to their standards, these were peaceful protests. How’s all of that working out for you?

-Tim Ranisate, Park Rapids

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