Letter to the editor: Property taxes fund local needs

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To the editor:

Sen. Kent Eken’s proposal to abolish “state” property taxes, left me questioning his knowledge of government funding, or at worse, what the heck has he been smoking.

Looking at my property tax bill, the money collected is for funding the county government, local city government, the local school district, and special local tax districts.

These funds are raised and used locally, for roads, bridges, county, city, and school expenses, NOTHING, on the property tax bill goes to the state.

If you were to remove / abolish property tax payments, they would need to be replaced with an increase in income taxes, corporate or business taxes, Abolishing property taxes does not remove the need to fund LOCAL government.


Sen. Eken needs to better educate himself on the full needs of funding local and state government needs and balancing those needs with revenue collection, which includes property taxes, income taxes, business corporate taxes and fees. Abolishing one source of revenue means replacing it with either a new source or increasing the other sources or services need to be cut. No maintenance for roads bridges, cutting school education.

Voters should demand that politicians have a basic understanding of how government works, before electing them to office.

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