Letter: What are Becker health officials thinking?

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To the editor:

The commentary on the COVID-19 surge in the Nov. 22 print edition of the Detroit Lakes Tribune was excellent and informative. The regional 33% positivity rate in testing was shocking, but important to know, as was the call for everyone to follow the steps recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Gov. Tim Walz to help prevent the spread of the virus until a vaccine is widely available.

What was remarkable to this reader, however, is that the commentary was signed by senior health care professionals and administrators from a number of systems and counties near Becker, but not one from health care systems in Detroit Lakes or Becker County, despite the surge of infections in the county since this summer.

It would be interesting for the Tribune's readers to know why their local health care professionals and administrators were not party to the Nov. 22 COVID-19 commentary; do they agree with it or do they not, and if not why?

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