The holy land and the caliphate

"Even differences prove helpful where there is tolerance, charity and truth." - Mahtma Gandhi (Founder of Non-violence 1869-1948) "Take down those fences," between Palestine and Israel, reminds us of President Ronald Reagan's 1989 Berlin famous d...

“Even differences prove helpful where there is tolerance, charity and truth.”  ­ Mahtma Gandhi (Founder of Non-violence 1869-1948)

“Take down those fences,” between Palestine and Israel, reminds us of President Ronald Reagan’s 1989 Berlin famous dictum, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” That took many years from 1945 to achieve. The current ceasefire with Gaza is a good beginning point. How can that be possible with the new push from the jihad extremist Islamic State (ISIS)? This envisions the restoration of a Muslim caliphate for an empire of all Muslim nations in the greater Mideast. Does the war weary world have to endure another 50 years?

The answer is “No.” The opportunity to begin now is right in front of the Palestine-Israel stand off. Making the best choices there and now can set up a new bipartisan cultural, political reality between these old former enemies. A new foundation of the basic factors is already in place waiting to be acted upon. Neither the local Jewish nor Palestinian communities want to see the brutal Jihadist extremist capture their beloved Holy Land. Accepting Shari law enforcement is not likely ever an acceptable option in the new Holy Land.

There is a new urgency on both sides in the ceasefire negotiations. Intervention team to begin solving the “end the occupation” with justice. This will include participation by the Arab League leaders and Arab-Muslim states in the United Nations and set up political legal enforcements. There will soon be closed doors to the renegade ISIS throughout the Middle East and also its global aspiration threats in Indonesia and Nigeria. The caliphate ideology is regarded by both Holy Land politicians and theologians as “messianic pretension,” that ISIS claims to be the final and only truth version of the Quaran.

What can even now be done in the Gaza-Israel standoff, both secular and sectarian, will set a powerful model of what can happen in the wider range of similar threats. For example Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The seeds of reconciliation are waiting to be uncovered and planted.


The above conflicts and vulnerabilities still rely on top-down sectarian (religious) and political secular power leaders and their organizations, with regional and global bases. “Boots on the ground” and “hi-tech” ground, air and space technology still mark our primordial quest for peace in our time. With this 21st Century global effort, we need to replace boots on the ground and hi-tech weapons with “civilian volunteer community” street shoes, even bare feet on the ground as primary weapons in the battle of mankinds. A host of such civic, non-political bi-partisan volunteer projects await in both Palestine and Israel. Some are already in operation. Be it also noted that even in the occupied areas there are cordial relationships with all social-economic classes. Jews and Muslims do not regard each other as enemies.

At the global top of the “civilian shoes and bare feet” list is our amazing new century younger generation who are Internet, laptops, I-phones literate. They are already activists with Twitter, Facebook, I-Pads, the latest out of hi-tech land. A powerful example is the some 300,000 Hong-Kong students, secondary and university who have said a non-violent “No!” to those in power who want to decide who is eligible to run for elected office. We can note this new generation of power is also shared with those in the bottom rungs of economic and social poverty. This generation will be the first to say “No!” to any move by ISIL jihad terrorists who try to impose their “top down” brutality and denial of basic human rights on Palestine.

On a global level even, they do not and will not want to kill their neighbors at home or abroad. Global social psychiatrists would rate such collective as well as individual mental health as a superb omen for mankind’s future.

Even within our United States there are new “Institutes for Global Citizenship” on college campuses. One such model is Macalester College in St. Paul which also attracts large enrollment of undergrads from many other nations with diverse religions, ethnicity, race and gender. There is even a major in Global Citizenship including a focus on woman’s rights, child development, poverty and climate change.

The awesome good news for a resolution of the Palestine vs. Israel standoff as a model is that this new global generation wants better sustainable housing, education K-12 and beyond, health care, equal opportunity regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender or social class. Above all they want a national infrastructure to facilitate modern economic development, hope, freedom of expression with civil rights under law. They, as well as all generations, aspire to a world that honors the United Nations “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” the greatest legacy of the 1948 WWII generation.

Please share your suggestions or questions for “shoes and bare feet on the ground” projects that would be valuable joint projects having both Palestine and Israel citizens. We will include them in a follow up article. See your local Becker County Record blog.

“There must be, not a balance of power, but a community of power, not organized rivalries, but organized community peace.” US President Woodrow Wilson, Nobel Peace Prize 1920

(Tom Faix is a retired Marine Corps Reserve officer and former K-12 public school, teacher Native American, college educator and consultant, who lives in Detroit Lakes)

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