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Back Then with Tracy Briggs

Midwest memories of the good old days and a few cool people we’ve met along the way.

College students in ND used to devour 'Garbage Plates,' and they loved every minute of it
Wed Sep 28 08:30:00 EDT 2022
Why the Red Pepper became a late-night staple for generations of UND students.

What are the 3 greatest TV lineups of all time?
Wed Sep 21 08:30:00 EDT 2022
As television networks start debuting their new seasons, a look back at the best TV lineups of all time - from groundbreaking to groovy. Do you agree with my list?

North Dakota's first Vietnam War fatality died helping others, and a national magazine took notice
Fri Sep 09 14:53:02 EDT 2022
Virgil Greaney was killed by a Viet Cong terrorist while helping a village install a water supply. Years later, his family struggled to understand what happened.

Did you know the 1st Minnesotan killed in the Vietnam War was from both Moorhead and Grand Forks?
Fri Sep 09 13:08:11 EDT 2022
Bob Larson, a 1951 graduate of Oak Grove Lutheran School, died in the first U.S. Air Force plane crash in South Vietnam.

For the first time, the majority of travelers on the next local Honor Flight will be Vietnam veterans
Wed Sep 07 05:30:00 EDT 2022
During the first WDAY Honor Flight, many World War II veterans were escorted to Washington, D.C., by their Vietnam veteran sons. Now it's time for those sons and others who served during the Vietnam era to get the thanks they deserve.

I'll never forget interviewing 'Little Elvis' 20 years ago. Now he's my co-worker
Wed Aug 31 05:30:00 EDT 2022
Finn Harrison was beyond cute as he did the "Jailhouse Rock" as a 2 1/2 year old. Now he's all grown up, working at WDAY in Fargo and still has a little Elvis in his soul.

North Dakotans were along for the ride in 1947’s 'Summer of the Flying Saucer'
Wed Aug 24 05:30:00 EDT 2022
The term “flying saucer” was born 75 years ago this summer after numerous sightings all over the country. North Dakotans called in reports, too, while others decided to have a little fun with the whole ordeal.

The surprising things I felt when I visited an ax murder house
Wed Aug 17 05:30:00 EDT 2022
It's been called one of the "scariest," "most haunted" and "creepiest" houses in the Midwest, but what is it really like inside the Villisca Ax Murder House?

These news stories had Forum readers 'glued to the TV set' as kids
Wed Aug 10 05:30:00 EDT 2022
A couple of weeks ago, I shared what some of us at The Forum remember as our first memories of a news event. Now it's your turn to share the stories that you'll never forget.

Dear West Acres, thanks for the memories
Wed Aug 03 05:00:00 EDT 2022
As Fargo-Moorhead’s biggest shopping mall turns 50, a look back at the ways West Acres helped shape generations of kids.