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Health Fusion

Health care journalist Viv Williams delivers daily health tips. Meet amazing people who’ll share their stories of illness, wellness and how they find joy.

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Health Fusion: How to help your teen get more sleep
Tue Oct 04 11:30:51 EDT 2022
Most teens don't get enough sleep. And that can make them exhausted and moody. A new study reveals ways to help teens get the shut eye they need during the school year. Viv Williams has details in this episode of "Health Fusion."

Your dog may know when you're stressed out by smelling your breath
Mon Oct 03 15:30:27 EDT 2022
A dog's sense of smell has helped to find missing people, detect drugs at airports and find the tiniest morsel of food dropped from a toddler's highchair. A new study shows that dogs may also be able to sniff out when you're stressed out.

Health Fusion: Protect your flowers and plants from the first frost to enjoy health benefits of gardening longer
Tue Sep 27 16:38:57 EDT 2022
An early frost can mean a sudden end to the growing season. But there are ways to protect plants from dipping temperatures. In this episode of "Health Fusion," Viv Williams has tips on how to cover your flowers and vegetables so you can enjoy the health benefits of gardening longer into the fall season.

Health Fusion: How interval training works to boost health
Wed Sep 21 18:17:02 EDT 2022
Interval training, or high intensity interval training (HIIT), is a way to pack the health benefits of exercise into a short amount of time. No matter what your fitness level. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams talks to a Mayo Clinic exercise expert about why intervals are so effective.

Health Fusion: Seven habits to help cut risk of dementia if you have diabetes
Thu Sep 15 15:08:35 EDT 2022
If you have type 2 diabetes, you may be able to reduce your risk of developing dementia with seven healthy lifestyle habits. Viv Williams has details of a new study in this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion."

Health Fusion: What more frequent heatwaves are doing to your sleep
Mon Sep 12 18:19:57 EDT 2022
When heat waves strike, your sleep can suffer. Sleep researchers offer tips on how to prevent high temperatures from disrupting your nights. Viv Williams has details in this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion."

What happened to Elyn? A medical mystery about strange, life-changing symptoms solved by Mayo Clinic sleuths
Thu Sep 08 14:40:19 EDT 2022
Life couldn't have been better for Elyn and Guy Simmons. They were young, successful and ready to start a family. But then the strange symptoms started. And Elyn began to change. In this special, medical mystery episode of NewdMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams shares the the story of how a hard-to-diagnose disease hijacked Elyn's health. Then she met a team of Mayo Clinic experts who followed the clues and sleuthed out a solution.

Health Fusion: What Bedtime Snacks Will Promote Good Sleep?
Wed Sep 07 14:39:51 EDT 2022
Are you a person who likes to have a bedtime snack before you hit the sack? Or are you the type who can't sleep if there's food in your belly? In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams explores the link between nutrition and a good night's sleep.

Health Fusion: Ultra-processed foods and the link to colorectal cancer in men
Thu Sep 01 14:55:38 EDT 2022
Think twice before you grab ready-made meals or snacks. A new study links ultra-processed foods to colon cancer in men. Viv Williams has details in this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion."

Health Fusion: How to freeze summer vegetables to use all winter long
Thu Sep 01 13:44:53 EDT 2022
Gardens and farmers' markets are popping with heart healthy fresh produce. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams shows how to freeze late summer vegetables that you can enjoy throughout fall and winter.