Rising star: Since launching her TikTok channel this spring, Frazee woman has gained half a million followers

Amber Schwarzrock's star is rising fast on TikTok; since launching her That Midwestern Mom channel last spring, the Frazee native has gained half a million followers on the video-sharing app, and her other social media pages are growing fast as well. In fact, she's become so popular that a Fargo restaurant is hosting a special meet and greet-slash-Christmas show in her honor this Sunday, Dec. 19. The 701 Eatery is requesting reservations for this one-night-only event, which starts at 5 p.m.

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Amber Schwarzrock has to keep stocked up on Cool Whip and Jell-O for her TikTok videos as That Midwestern Mom. where she shares recipes for dishes that regularly use these ingredients. (Marie Johnson / Tribune)

As she was leaving the Detroit Lakes Community & Cultural Center after a swim in the pool earlier this week, Amber Schwarzrock ran into a group of teenage boys she didn't know — but, as it happened, they all knew her.

"They said, 'Hey, she's famous on TikTok'," said the Frazee native, otherwise known as That Midwestern Mom. "Is there any compliment bigger than a bunch of teenage boys recognizing you after you come out of the gym?"

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TikTok's That Midwestern Mom has become so Internet-famous that she now has more than half a million social media followers. A meet-and-greet in her honor is scheduled for this Sunday, Dec. 19 at The 701 Eateries in Fargo, from 5 to 8 p.m. Reservations are requested for this one-night-only, special event. (Submitted photo)

Since launching her channel on the popular video sharing app last spring, Schwarzrock has gained over half a million followers. Her pages on Facebook and Instagram — also listed under the name @ThatMidwesternMom — have been growing fast as well.


"Instagram is at 8,000 (followers) and Facebook is at 25,000," she said. Among those followers were the Keebler elves, who sent her a case of Fudge Stripe cookies to use in her recipes.

Besides contacting her via social media to share comments, ideas or recipes, Schwarzrock also invites her followers to contact her directly at .

Over the past year, she has also been featured on NBC's Today show and the Twin Cities-based FOX 9 TV show, The Jason Show; Schwarzrock has been a guest on the latter a couple of times during the holiday season.

"Jason was thrilled to have me (as a guest), and loves talking about Frazee," she said. "I'm hoping to get him up here for Turkey Days next year."

Schwarzrock's famed "crazy eyes" expression has also graced many an Internet meme.

Schwarzrock meme.jpeg
Internet memes featuring That Midwestern Mom's famed "crazy eyes" expression have begun to crop up on social media over the past year. (Submitted photo)


Her Internet fame has grown to the point that the Fargo-based 701 Eateries will be hosting a meet-and-greet event for her this Sunday, Dec. 19 from 5 to 8 p.m.

"I'll be singing some Christmas carols and interacting with the audience," Schwarzrock said.

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Amber Schwarzrock has found the right mix of humor and cultural curiosity to draw fans to her That Midwestern Mom videos on TikTok. Since last spring, she has garnered half a million followers on the video sharing app. (Marie Johnson / Tribune)

The 701 Eateries — known for "Nordic cuisine with a Midwestern flair" — were particularly well-suited to host an event for her, she said, because "their cuisine is exactly what my content is. We've been trying to work out a way to do something there for a while."

The "content" that Schwarzrock is referring to is her quirky, humorous videos, where the perfectly-coiffed connoisseur of vintage dessert salads is usually poised over a Tupperware mixing bowl in the kitchen of her home, smiling sweetly and singing like a bird about “Minne-SOOO-ta salads, that aren’t really salads!”

She then fills that big bowl with a strange brew of ingredients galore — canned pineapple, cold pasta, grapes, Snickers bars and one of those "salad" staples, Cool Whip or Jell-O, to help hold the mixture together.

She films herself out of the kitchen at times, too, at places like her local grocery store, where she happily shops in her hair rollers. Recently, Schwarzrock made an appearance at the snowplow parade that was held during "A Merry Frazee Christmas" on Saturday, Dec. 11.


"Tootsie Roll sent me some Tootsie Pops to throw out during the parade," she said.

Snowplow parade.jpeg
Amber Schwarzrock, also known as That Midwestern Mom, handed out Tootsie Pops during the snowplow parade at A Merry Frazee Christmas on Saturday, Dec. 11. Two of the recipients of the sweet treats were the 2021 Miss Frazee, Katelyn Mack, and Miss Frazee's Outstanding Teen, Annalynn Wallin. (Submitted photo)

And she was recently invited to be a guest judge at a February hotdish cookoff in Fargo.

"People are starting to recognize Frazee; they're learning where Detroit Lakes is, where Fargo is," she said. "I’ve got the whole country talking about Minnesota cookie salads and Jell-O salads."

If you go

What: An Evening with That Midwestern Mom

Where: The 701 Eateries, 701 N University Drive, Fargo

When: Sunday, Dec. 19, 5 to 8 p.m.


How: Pre-registration for this special event is requested. Call 701-532-0734 or book a table online at .

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