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Alpine skiing: Detroit Lakes sees improvements at Powder Ridge

Results from Detroit Lakes alpine skiing

The Detroit Lakes alpine skiing team competed at the St. Cloud invite at Powder Ridge on Jan. 11, 2022. Contributed / Jenn Smith

The Detroit Lakes alpine skiing teams competed in their second event of the season on Tuesday in St. Cloud.

The Laker girls took fourth place with a team score of 74. They edged out the Lakes Area alpine team by 10 points behind Elsa Stigen’s team-best combined run of 59.27. She had the fastest individual split at 27.27 seconds. Kristina Heinlein, Merida Jansen, Olivia Smith and Marlo Schmitz scored for the Detroit Lakes girls.

The boys took fifth in the five-team field, including Tristan Bristlin’s 10th-place tome of 52.6 seconds. His fastest split came at 24 seconds, while Owen Anderson’s second run down the mountain clocked in at 25.22. Brayden Aldinger also completed two attempts for the Lakers.

Next Thursday, the Lakers head back to Powder Ridge for their third meet of the season.

DETROIT LAKES BOYS- Tristan Bristlin (28.6, 24.0) 52.6; Owen Anderson (36.34, 25.22) 1:01.56; Brayden Aldinger (44.13, 38.18) 1:21.31;


DETROIT LAKES GIRLS- Elsa Stigen (31.98, 27.27) 59.27; Kristina Heinlein (34.51, 28.64) 1:03.15; Merida Jansen (36.95, 30.07) 1:07.02; Olivia Smith (31.80, 42.34) 1:14.14; Marlo Schmitz (46.67, 39.69) 1:26.36

BOYS TEAM SCORES- 1st- Annandale 135, 2nd- Brainerd 111, 3rd- Breakaways 103, 4th- Lakes Area 95, 5th- Detroit Lakes 57

GIRLS TEAM SCORES- 1st- Breakaways 137, 2nd- Breakaways 118, 3rd- Annandale 107, 4th- Detroit Lakes 74, 5th- Lakes Area 64.

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