Area baseball and softball players 7-14 years of age competed in the local Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit and Run skills competition in Detroit Lakes.

All winners advanced to the sectional round at Pine Grove Park in Staples Sunday, May 5.

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Participants compete in either the Baseball Division or Softball Division and have the opportunity to advance through four levels of competition including Locals, Sectionals, Team Championships and the National Finals during MLB All-Star Week.


7/8 Girls

pitch - Kendra Nowell, Claire Mcdonald, Emma Qualley

hit - Claire Mcdonald

run - Claire Mcdonald

overall - Claire Mcdonald

7/8 Boys

pitch - Colton Heden

hit - Hoyt Muzik

run - Hoyt Muzik

overall - Hoyt Muzik

9/10 Boys

pitch - Ben Hansen, Isak Qualley, Griffin Lindberg,

hit - Griffin Lindberg

run - Max Ducharme

overall - Griffin Lindberg

9/10 Girls

Aubrey Kordosky  won Pitch, hit, run and overall

11/12 Girls

Ashley Maneval won Pitch, hit, run and overall

11/12 Boys

pitch - Diggy Person

hit - Easton Bevins

run - Skyler Pinske

overall - Skyler Pinske

13/14 Boys

pitch - Isaac Maneval, Chazz Ulschmid

hit - Isaac Maneval

run - Chazz Ulschmid

overall - Isaac Maneval

13/14 Girls

Izzy Hansen won pitch, hit, run and overall