The three-time defending state champion Perham Yellowjackets swept the third Detroit Lakes Cross Country Invitational Thursday, Sept. 10 at the high school.

The Jacket girls scored 20 points to win handily, while the boys team did much of the same with a final score of 23 points.

That left the host Lakers and Nevis to duke it out for second place.

The DL girls held off the Tigers in a close team race scoring 59 to Nevis’ 61 for second place.

Nevis was paced by race medalist Jade Rypkema (19:03.1), who nearly cut the 19-minute mark on the flat course around Mollberg Field. Rypkema finished in front of eight consecutive Yellowjacket finishes led by runner-up Mya Morris.

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DL’s Katie McConkey grabbed a top 10 position running 22:46.8 to place 10th overall.

The next two Lakers Lilly Baethke (22:57.9) and Julia Steffl (22:58.5) finished with each other in 11th and 12th place. Two of the next three runners across the finish line were Nevis runners.

With each team having three racers finished Nevis led the Lakers by three points 30-33, but the Lakers clinched the win with the next two runners Kate Taves (16th-25:24.8) and Emma Teiken (17th-25:31.1). McKenna Mallow placed 18th (25:49.8) in front of the final three Nevis runners.

Junior Jackson Zurn placed 18th overall for the Laker boys at the third DL Invite Thursday. Robert Williams / Tribune
Junior Jackson Zurn placed 18th overall for the Laker boys at the third DL Invite Thursday. Robert Williams / Tribune

The Laker boys went out fast to stay with the Yellowjackets, but Perham and Nevis runners kept the Lakers out of the top 10 except for Cole Weber (19:07.3) in 10th position.

Perham and Nevis split the top six spots led by the Yellowjackets’ Carson Hespe finishing first in a time of 17:10.5. All five Jackets were in the top eight to seal a 24-point victory.

Nevis scored 47 points to the Lakers’ 64.

DL’s scoring runners behind Weber finished within one minute of each other: Clint Andresen (12th-19:10.9), John Bergum (13th-19:26.6), Ryan Bergum (14th-20:00.6) and Jacob Trout (16th-20:06.8).

The Lakers travel to Arvig Park in Perham for the first road meet of the season Thursday, Sept. 17 at 4 p.m.

Detroit Lakes Invitational

Girls team scores: 1 Perham 20, 2 Detroit Lakes 59, 3 Nevis 61.

Top 10

1 Jade Rypkema, Nevis 19:03.1

2 Mya Morris, Perham 20:59.8

3 Kaia Starlz, Perham 21:46.1

4 Liz Birkeland, Perham 21:48.9

5 Gracie Morris, Perham 21:55.2

6 Quincy Anderson, Perham 21:58.7

7 Lauryn Rustad, Perham 22:08.6

8 Mia Lung, Perham 22:15.7

9 Stella Strong, Perham 22:30.8

10 Katie McConkey, Detroit Lakes 22:46.8

Other DL finishes:

11 Lilly Baethke 22:57.9

12 Julia Steffl 22:58.5

16 Kate Taves 25:24.8

17 Emma Teiken 25:31.1

18 McKenna Mallow 25:49.8

Boys team scores: 1 Perham 23, 2 Nevis 47, 3 Detroit Lakes 64.

Top 10

1 Carson Hespe, Perham 17:10.5

2 Jakob McCleary, Perham 17:42.7

3 Evan Pohl, Nevis 17:51.6

4 Jack McNamee, Nevis 17:51.8

5 Micah Thompson, Perham 18:04.5

6 George Bjorklund, Nevis 18:08.1

7 Carter Flatau, Perham 18:41.6

8 Bjorn Anderson, Perham 18:50.4

9 Caden Doll, Perham 18:53.4

10 Cole Weber, Detroit Lakes 19:07.3

Other DL finishes:

12 Clint Andresen 19:10.9

13 John Bergum 19:26.6

14 Ryan Bergum 20:00.6

16 Jacob Trout 20:06.8

18 Jackson Zurn 20:19.9

21 Mason Hamar 20:35.9

23 Casey Parks 21:10.2