DL swim-dive team three for three this season

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Cora Martin swims to second place as part of a Laker sweep of the top three individual medleys during DL's third straight team victory to open the season Thursday, Sept. 17 at the DLCCC. Robert Williams / Tribune

Detroit Lakes swimming and diving won for the third time in three meets defeating Perham/New York Mills 130-55 Thursday at the DLCCC Aquatic Center.

The Lakers swept every event but diving in the victory capturing the top three finishes in four events.

Faith Hamm, Cora Martin and Quinn Rogstad got it started swimming side-by-side to first through third place led by Hamm’s winning time of 2:29.39.

The next race ended the same way with Evan Westrum winning the 50-free in 26.35, followed by teammates Jessica Bolar and Marin Westrum.

After the Yellowjackets’ Brittney Lorentz scored 202.70 to place first in diving, the Laker Butterfly trio of Evan Westrum, Faith Hamm and Kaitlyn Peterson swept the 100 paced by Westrum in 1:02.83.


Laker divers placed second, fifth and sixth, led by Hope Hamm with 162.80 points.

Dive Hamm.jpg
Hope Hamm finished as the runner-up in 1-meter diving Thursday in a dual against Perham/New York Mills. Robert Williams / Tribune

The 500-free rounded out the Laker top three sweeps when Lexi Gerdes touched in 5:57.99, followed by Madi Gerdes and Marin Westrum.

DL captured top two finishes in a pair of events.

Ellie Staley (1:03.04) and Jessica Bolar (1:03.07) raced to their fingertips in a close finish of the 100-free. Madi Gerdes (1:13.18) and Staley (1:16.85) did so in the breaststroke.

Lexi Gerdes (2:11.88) won the 200-free; Kaitlyn Peterson was the 100-backstroke winner in 1:14.07.

In relays, DL swept the top two marks in all three races.


DL’s B team of (Peterson, Staley, Evan Westrum and Bolar won the medley in 2:04.61.

Lexi Gerdes, Marin Westrum, Wendt and Evan Westrum paced the Lakers’ top 400-free team to victory in 4:07.85.

A time of 1:52.28 gave Wendt, Martin, Madi Gerdes and Faith Hamm the 200-free win.

DL's JV team won handily 117-29.

In three meets the Lakers are outsourcing their opponents 360-193. The Lakes host Fosston next on Sept. 22 at 6 p.m.

Detroit Lakes 130, Perham/New York Mills 55


200 Medley relay


1 DL B 2:04.61 (Peterson, Staley, E. Westrum, Bolar)

2 DL A 2:05.70 (M. Westrum, M. Gerdes, L. Gerdes, Martin)

200 Freestyle

1 Gerdes, Lexi DL 2:11.88

3 Wendt, Rylie DL 2:24.20

5 McLeod, Rena DL 2:38.81

200 Individual Medley

1 Hamm, Faith DL 2:29.39


2 Martin, Cora DL 2:45.16

3 Rogstad, Quinn DL 2:49.89

50 Freestyle

1 Westrum, Evan DL 26.35

2 Bolar, Jessica DL 28.94

3 Westrum, Marin DL 29.09

1m Diving

1 Lorentz, Brittney PNYM 202.70


2 Hamm, Hope DL 162.80

3 McAllister, Avery PNYM 159.55

4 Ruther, Madison PNYM 153.25

5 Anderson, Kaitlyn DL 151.00

6 Morrison, Ava DL 139.85

100 Butterfly

1 Westrum, Evan DL 1:02.83

2 Hamm, Faith DL 1:08.02


3 Peterson, Kaitlyn DL 1:11.06

100 Freestyle

1 Staley, Ellie DL 1:03.04

2 Bolar, Jessica DL 1:03.07

5 McLeod, Rena DL 1:13.18

500 Freestyle

1 Gerdes, Lexi DL 5:57.99

2 Gerdes, Madi DL 6:14.48

3 Westrum, Marin DL 6:22.41

200 Freestyle relay

1 DL A 1:52.28 (Wendt, Martin, M. Gerdes, Madi, F. Hamm)

3 DL B 2:03.82 (Cannon, Staley, Blake, Rogstad)

100 Backstroke

1 Peterson, Kaitlyn DL 1:14.07

4 Rogstad, Quinn DL 1:22.31

100 Breaststroke

1 Gerdes, Madi DL 1:13.18

2 Staley, Ellie DL 1:16.85

4 Wendt, Rylie DL 1:20.52

100 Breaststroke

1 Gerdes, Madi DL 1:13.18

2 Staley, Ellie DL 1:16.85

4 Wendt, Rylie DL 1:20.52

400 Freestyle

1 DL A 4:07.85 (L. Gerdes, M. Westrum, Wendt, E. Westrum)

2 DL B 4:12.86 (Peterson, Bolar, Rogstad, F. Hamm)

Robert Williams has been a sports editor for Forum Communications in Perham and Detroit Lakes since 2011.
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