Frazee wrestles with the big boys in 'The Clash' Tournament

The Frazee wrestling team stood with some of the top squads in the nation, after finishing seventh in Bracket A competition during "The Clash" tournament in Rochester Friday and Saturday.

The Frazee wrestling team stood with some of the top squads in the nation, after finishing seventh in Bracket A competition during "The Clash" tournament in Rochester Friday and Saturday.

The Hornets won their pool, going 3-0, while finishing 1-2 in the Championship bracket action.

The tournament attracts some of the top teams in the nation, as Frazee won the Seventh Bracket to gain entrance in Bracket A.

The Hornets downed West Fargo, N.D., 38-32, Oak Grove, Mo. 45-21 and Arrowhead Union, Wis. by the score of 46-20.

Frazee moved onto to the Bracket A, which crowned the champion in the 32-team tournament.


But the Roseburg, Ore., team ended the Hornets' title hopes with a 40-33 win in the quarterfinals, which was keyed by wins in the 171-heavyweight divisions.

Frazee scored the first three wins in the match (different weight classes started each dual), with 112-pounder Trevor Stilke pinning Roseburg's Cameron Mesa in: 38.

Jordan Ketter also registered a pin at 119, while Tanner Ellenberg completed the fall run at 125. Casey Nunn and Rij Koehnen picked up wins at 145 and 140, respectively, but Roseburg won the next four matches to clinch the match.

Forest Lake -- a Class 3A team -- nipped the Hornets 29-27 in the next consolation round, but Frazee recovered with a 34-27 win over Neuqua Valley, Ill., in the seventh-place match.

Apple Valley took the championship over Brandon, Fla. 34-16.

Hornet results

Frazee at The Clash in Rochester, Friday-Saturday, Jan. 7-8.

Bracket A (Frazee 3-0 in pool)



Roseburg 40, Frazee 33

112 - Trevor Stilke (Frazee) over Cameron Mesa (Roseburg) Pin 0:38

119 - Jordan Ketter (Frazee) over Layne Westwang (Roseburg) Pin 3:19

125 - Tanner Ellenberg (Frazee) over Brody Faas (Roseburg) Pin 3:40

130 - Drew VanAnrooy (Roseburg) over Wade Hukriede (Frazee) Maj 13-3

135 - Reed Van Anrooy (Roseburg) over Myrel Schermerhorn (Frazee) Pin 4:52

140 - Rij Koehnen (Frazee) over Chase Jackson (Roseburg) Dec 4-0


145 - Casey Nunn (Frazee) over Hector Mander (Roseburg) Pin 5:58

152 - Seth Thomas (Roseburg) over Brandon Vanwatermulen (Frazee) TF 19-4

160 - Javier Mandera (Roseburg) over Nate Sandberg (Frazee) Dec 8-1

171 - Dylan Fors (Roseburg) over Rick Brandt (Frazee) Pin 0:34

189 - Devan Fors (Roseburg) over Kody Lafraniere/Sorenson (Frazee) Maj 13-5

215 - Ben Goirigolzarri (Roseburg) over Brett Gildersleeve (Frazee) Pin 2:51

285 - Joel Applebaum (Roseburg) over Andrew Kunz (Frazee) Pin 4:45

103 - Isaac Schermerhorn (Frazee) over Payton Mesa (Roseburg) Pin 1:45


Cons. Semi:

Forest Lake 29, Frazee 27

119 - Tyler Isaacson (Forest Lake) over Jordan Ketter (Frazee) Dec 10-5

125 - Ben Morgan (Forest Lake) over Tanner Ellenberg (Frazee) Maj 13-4

130 - Wade Hukriede (Frazee) over Cody Paggen (Forest Lake) Dec 7-3

135 - Myrel Schermerhorn (Frazee) over Ryder Paggen (Forest Lake) Maj 9-1

140 - Rij Koehnen (Frazee) over Austin Boniface (Forest Lake) Dec 12-7

145 - Casey Nunn (Frazee) over Mike Aho (Forest Lake) Pin 1:22


152 - Brandon Vanwatermulen (Frazee) over Isaac Florell (Forest Lake) Maj 13-3

160 - Nate Sandberg (Frazee) over Mike Urban (Forest Lake) Dec 9-7

171 - Lance Benick (Forest Lake) over Rick Brandt (Frazee) Maj 13-4

189 - Kody Lafraniere/Sorenson (Frazee) over Joe Joyer (Forest Lake) Maj 11-3

215 - Jake Toupal (Forest Lake) over Brett Gildersleeve (Frazee) Dec 7-6

285 - Jeremy McLaughlin (Forest Lake) over Andrew Kunz (Frazee) Dec 4-0

103 - James Pleski (Forest Lake) over Isaac Schermerhorn (Frazee) Pin 5:25

112 - Michael Pleski (Forest Lake) over Trevor Stilke (Frazee) Pin 1:31.


7th Place Match:

Frazee 34 Neuqua Valley 27

125 - Tanner Ellenberg (Frazee) over Troy Kendryna (Neuqua Valley) TF 17-0

130 - Wade Hukriede (Frazee) over Julian Ochoa (Neuqua Valley) Maj 9-1

135 - Myrel Schermerhorn (Frazee) over Connor McGill (Neuqua Valley) Pin 2:56

140 - Chris Koulianos (Neuqua Valley) over Tyler Wacker (Frazee) Dec 6-0

145 - Matt Slavik (Neuqua Valley) over Casey Nunn (Frazee) Dec 4-2

152 - Luke Pigott (Neuqua Valley) over Cody Piper (Frazee) Dec 6-3

160 - Drelyn Hunt (Neuqua Valley) over Nate Sandberg (Frazee) Dec 7-4

171 - Rick Brandt (Frazee) over Connor Swier (Neuqua Valley) Pin 1:42

189 - Kody Lafraniere/Sorenson (Frazee) over Casey Greenberg (Neuqua Valley) Maj 14-0

215 - Vince Marrone (Neuqua Valley) over Devon Drewes (Frazee) Dec 5-0

285 - Andrew Geers (Neuqua Valley) over Andrew Kunz (Frazee) Pin 1:47

103 - Ellis Diveney (Neuqua Valley) over Isaac Schermerhorn (Frazee) Pin 5:25

112 - Trevor Stilke (Frazee) over Alex Pierce (Neuqua Valley) Pin 1:26

119 - Jordan Ketter (Frazee) over Justin Klein (Neuqua Valley) Dec 5-3.

Seventh Bracket Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Frazee

2nd Place - West Fargo

3rd Place - Arrowhead Union

4th Place - Oak Grove

Round 1

Frazee defeated West Fargo 38-32.

Arrowhead Union defeated Oak Grove 36-33.

Round 2

Frazee defeated Oak Grove 45-21.

West Fargo defeated Arrowhead Union 45-24.

Round 3

Frazee defeated Arrowhead Union 46-20.

West Fargo defeated Oak Grove 51-22.

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