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Cinderella bid continues at Pine to Palm

Stefan Nelson, left, congratulates the 64-seeded star of the Pine to Palm Ben Strauman after completing a come-from-behind victory on hole No. 17 Friday, Aug. 10 at Detroit Country Club in Detroit Lakes. Robert Williams / Tribune1 / 2
Back-to-back match play victories by No. 64 Ben Strauman have showed the Minneapolis 43-year-old is a definite challenger for a push to semifinal and championship Sunday at the Pine to Palm golf tournament. Robert Williams / Tribune2 / 2

Ben Strauman had some Cinderella magic Thursday knocking out the defending Pine to Palm champion, but showed he has the game to win in more than one fashion coming back from a four-hole deficit to advance to the round of 16 at Detroit Country Club in Detroit Lakes Friday, Aug. 10.

Strauman trailed No. 33 Stefan Nelson 4-down after the opening seven holes, but managed to climb right back in the match starting at the turn.

“It’s match play and this is a great golf course to make birdies on,” Strauman said.

His comeback started with a string of birdies on holes nine, 10 and 11 and a win on 12 evened the match. Strauman’s putter came alive as he sunk a five-footer on 9, a 25-footer on 10, a 15-footer on 11 leading to squaring the match a hole later.


“I played as bad as I can play on the front nine and I just knew I had it in me,” he said.

The shots kept coming as he parred hole 15 from under a pine tree and stuck an 80-foot chip to the pin to go 1-up on the next hole.

“Hitting it to a foot on 16 was a great shot,” he said.

Aside from his shot making abilities, the 43-year-old from Minneapolis has a load of experience, confidence and fortitude that has shown on the back nine both days of match play.

“I never give up,” he said. “Apparently, I’m playing well down the stretch here but that doesn’t mean it will happen tomorrow.”

On 17, both players missed the green. Strauman was pin-high left fringe while Nelson was 10-feet short and elected to go with the putter. Strauman got up and down and Nelson’s putt from the grass left a testy eight-footer that would not fall giving Strauman a 2&1 match victory on the same hole as his win over Chris Swenson Thursday.

Like he did with Swenson, the veteran player showed a lot of respect for his much younger opponents.

“Stefan is an unbelievable kid,” said Strauman. “He has a temperament for this game and is so even-keeled. While it sucks to lose - to lose with confidence is something that can’t be taught and he has it.”


Playing in the same foursome were No. 22 Brennan Hockman and No. 11 Bryant Buckellew. Hockman led 1-up at the turn; Buckellew flipped the lead by hole 14 to lead by one and the duo dueled to extra holes.

Hockman had what appeared to be an easy win on the first extra hole nearly holing his chip from right of the green. Buckellew was 20-yards behind Hockman’s ball with a shot that was going to take a lot of touch. He gave himself an eight-footer to stay alive and converted.

“We just battled the whole round,” said Hockman. “It was nerve-wracking but so much fun.”

On 20, Hockman was in the fairway while Buckellew was deep in the trees right. After watching Hockman stick his approach, Buckellew found a hole in the foliage and set up a matching uphill putt with another amazing approach shot.

Buckellew’s putt attempt slid left of the lip and Hockman stepped up and buried his for the win.

“It’s fun but stressful at the same time,’ he said. “It’s good to be tested, but yet, you have to play your game and keep moving forward.”

Hockman is getting some lively action from a new driver and has used a strong putter to advance to the round of 16.


Two other matches went extra holes with No. 46 John Fischer winning 1-up over No. 51 Andrew Passanante. No. 10 Rick Kuhn was the last winner off the course defeating No. 23 Joe Christianson 1-up.

Two big names from qualifying fell in close matches. No. 34 Austin Schultz took out No. 2 Will Czeh 1-up. No. 30 Connor Glynn defeated No. 3 Andrew Israelson 2&1.

No. 5 Thomas Longbella and No. 9 Pat Dietz represented their top 10 qualifying seedings with knockout 7&6 victories. No. 4 Andrew Proctor advanced 2&1 over No. 29 Kole Hallmark.

No. 7 Nick Myhre and No. 8 Jackson Foth won convincingly. Myhre defeated No. 39 Ben Hauge 3&1. Foth led the entire match of a 4&3 win versus Bill Carlson.


No. 38 Connor Holland was victorious 3&2 over No. 59 Logan Palmer. No. 45 Lucas Johnson, No. 49 Adam Gronaas, No. 50 Spencer Adam and No. 53 Cade Montplaisir completed the field.

Players will be back on the course early Saturday, Aug. 11 for tee times beginning at 7:27 a.m. in the round of 16.

86th Pine to Palm Round of 32 results

64 Ben Strauman (2&1) 33 Stefan Nelson

49 Adam Gronaas (3&2) 17 Mason Fiddle

8 Jackson Foth (4&3) 40 Bill Carlson

9 Pat Deitz (7&6) 24 Tyler Nelson

4 Andrew Proctor (2&1) 29 Kole Hallmark

45 Lucas Johnson (3&2) 52 Tony Vincelli

5 Thomas Longbella (7&6) 28 Michael Kosiek

53 Cade Montplaisir (2&1) 21 Nathaniel Kahlbaugh

34 Austin Schultz (1-up) 2 Will Czeh

50 Spencer Adam (4&2) 47 Nate Varty

7 Nick Myhre (3&1) 39 Ben Hauge

10 Rick Kuhn (1-up) 23 Joe Christianson

30 Connor Glynn (2&1) 3 Andrew Israelson

46 John Fischer (1-up) 51 Andrew Passanante

38 Connor Holland (3&2) 59 Logan Palmer

22 Brennan Hockman (1-up) 11 Bryant Buckellew

Sweet 16 matchups

64 Ben Strauman Vs 49 Adam Gronaas

8 Jackson Foth Vs 9 Pat Deitz

4 Andrew Proctor Vs 45 Lucas Johnson

5 Thomas Longbella Vs 53 Cade Montplaisir

34 Austin Schultz Vs 50 Spencer Adam

7 Nick Myhre Vs 10 Rick Kuhn

30 Connor Glynn Vs 46 John Fischer

38 Connor Holland Vs 22 Brennan Hockman

Robert Williams

Sports Editor at the Detroit Lakes Tribune. Williams worked prior as the Sports Editor in Perham for the Focus, a Forum Communications newspaper, from 2010-14. 

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