Lakers fourth at Panther swimming invitational

PARK RAPIDS -- The Detroit Lakes swimming and diving team placed fourth in the seven-team Panther Invitational Saturday. Eighth-grader Syd Gulon continued her success in the 500-freestyle winning the event in 5:39.57, two seconds ahead of Melrose...

Josie Retz, an eighth-grader, placed 17th in the 500-freestyle, along with fellow eighth-grader Syd Gulon, who won the race in 5:39.57.

PARK RAPIDS - The Detroit Lakes swimming and diving team placed fourth in the seven-team Panther Invitational Saturday.

Eighth-grader Syd Gulon continued her success in the 500-freestyle winning the event in 5:39.57, two seconds ahead of Melrose’s Stefanie Rasmussen.

Gulon added a fourth place time of 26.57 in the 50-freestyle.

According to head coach Carol McCartly, Gulon races the 500 like the 50 in a sprint and the coaching staff is working with Gulon to get her to the next level swimming in the 5:20’s.

Teammate Ella Henderson placed seventh in the 50 with a time of 27.43. Laker divers have been strong this season and were again Saturday placing three Lakers in the top six.


Freshman Emma Disse was runner-up with 190.10 points to Brainerd freshman Cami Harmer (193.80). Lexy Yliniemi finished fourth, 182.65, and Thi Olds was sixth with 176.55.

“The divers did a fantastic job,” McCarthy said. “The girls swam hard and posted some of their best times this season.”

Senior Grace Livermore had a pair of fourth place marks in the 100-butterfly (1:06.53) and the 100-backstroke (1:05.76) and sophomore Clara Livermore finished fourth in the 100-breaststroke (1:18.36), followed by teammate Addisyn Young in seventh place – 1:21.19.

Clara Livermore had a top five finish in fifth in the 200-Individual Medley at 2:35.70.

DL’s top relay finishes came in the 200-freestyle, a time of 1:49.07 posted b Gulon, Livermore, Livermore and Henderson for third place.

The same quartet placed fourth in the 400-free with a time of 4:04.38.

Panther Invitational, Park Rapids

Team results: 1. Brainerd Warriors 620, 2. Melrose Area High School 513, 3. Sauk Centre High School 345, 4. Detroit Lakes Lakers 326, 5. Park Rapids Area 281, 6. Perham High School - Girls 111, 7. Staples-Motley Cardinals 105


200 Yard Medley Relay
1 BRD A 1:57.34
10 DLKS-MN A 2:14.35 Retz, Josie, Young, Addisyn, Skoda, Jocelyn, Steinke, Lucy
13 DLKS-MN B 2:28.85 Gilbert, Elena, Nelson, Erica, Schumacher, Anna, Hanson, Sam
17 DLKS-MN C x2:44.34 Ruchti-Westrum, McKenna, Bolar, Rachel, Friendshuh, Beth, Beck, Makehna.

200 Yard Free Varsity
1 Williams, Alyssa BRD 2:04.08
14 Smith, Abbi DLKS-MN 2:21.93
18 Henderson, Maddie DLKS-MN 2:29.03
23 Nelson, Erica DLKS-MN 2:36.24
25 Hanson, Sam DLKS-MN 2:45.89

Girls 200 Yard IM Varsity
1 Streiff, Katie BRD 2:22.11
5 Livermore, Clara DLKS-MN 2:35.70
13 Krengel, McKenna DLKS-MN 2:44.63
16 Schumacher, Anna DLKS-MN 2:56.48
22 Johnson, Chelsy DLKS-MN 3:11.22

Girls 50 Yard Free Varsity
1 McKeag, Hannah BRD 26.12
4 Gulon, Syd DLKS-MN 26.57
7 Henderson, Ella DLKS-MN 27.43
17 Skoda, Jocelyn DLKS-MN 29.22
23 Steinke, Lucy DLKS-MN 30.80

1 mtr Diving
1 Harmer, Cami BRD 193.80
2 Disse, Emma DLKS-MN 190.10
5 Hegg, Jackson DLKS-MN 179.70
6 Olds, Thia DLKS-MN 176.55

100 Yard Fly
1 Streiff, Katie BRD 1:00.65
4 Livermore, Grace DLKS-MN 1:06.53
10 Skoda, Jocelyn DLKS-MN 1:18.18
18 Young, Addisyn DLKS-MN 1:27.10

100 Yard Free
1 Ryan, Fallon BRD 57.25
11 Henderson, Ella DLKS-MN 1:02.00
18 Nelson, Erica DLKS-MN 1:06.13
20 Steinke, Lucy DLKS-MN 1:10.58

500 Yard Free Varsity
1 Gulon, Syd DLKS-MN 5:39.57
14 Krengel, McKenna DLKS-MN 6:28.02
17 Retz, Josie DLKS-MN 6:38.53
23 Bellware, Gracie DLKS-MN 7:40.29


200 Yard Free Relay Varsity
1 BRD A 1:45.58
3 DLKS-MN A 1:49.07 Gulon, Syd, Livermore, Grace, Livermore, Clara, Henderson, Ella
9 DLKS-MN B 1:58.75 Skoda, Jocelyn, Smith, Abbi, Steinke, Lucy, Krengel, McKenna
16 DLKS-MN C x2:23.65 Beck, Makehna, Kringel, Lauren, Bolar, Rachel, Johnson, Chelsy

100 Yard Back Varsity
1 McKeag, Hannah BRD 1:03.10
4 Livermore, Grace DLKS-MN 1:05.76
15 Retz, Josie DLKS-MN 1:14.50
21 Gilbert, Elena DLKS-MN 1:20.93
22 Schumacher, Anna DLKS-MN 1:21.18

100 Yard Breast Varsity
1 Andersen, Kayla PRPD 1:12.49
4 Livermore, Clara DLKS-MN
7 Young, Addisyn DLKS-MN 1:21.19
19 Johnson, Chelsy DLKS-MN 1:32.80
27 Bolar, Rachel DLKS-MN 1:52.56

400 Yard Free Relay
1 BRD A 3:50.89
4 DLKS-MN A 4:04.38 Gulon, Syd, Livermore, Grace, Henderson, Ella, Livermore, Clara
11 DLKS-MN B 4:23.37 Smith, Abbi, Krengel, McKenna, Henderson, Maddie,  Nelson, Erica.
14 DLKS-MN C x4:58.90 Retz, Josie,  Schumacher, Anna, Ruchti-Westrum, McKenna, Hanson, Sam.

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