I don’t know about you, but it is hard to believe we are already a third of the way through August. This summer has seemed to have passed very quickly.

WE Fest is past, we are already at Becker County Fair and Pine to Palm golf tournament time. You can always keep track of the time frame of our summer in Detroit Lakes based on the week to week events of the area. We are only three week away from the Labor Day weekend and kids going back to school!

We are getting light much later in the morning, and dark by 9 p.m. now. The daylight hours will continue to dwindle on us as we are just a month away from the start of the fall fishing season. It also looks like we may miss out on the “dog days” of August this year, as the start to the month has been very pleasant and the 10-day forecast looks to stay in the mid-high 70-degree range for daytime temps.

That is very pleasant weather and will keep water temps fairly stable in the mid-70-degree range. Fish patterns that have been established now should hold consistent for the next 2-3 weeks with the fairly stable weather that August provides. We start to transition to a fall pattern around, or shortly after, Labor Day.

As always, Mother Nature is in charge and every year can be a little different. Cool nights, shorter daylight hours and fronts that transition our weather to fall roll in every few days making September a more inconsistent fishing month. With more stability occurring in October, we experience improvement in predictability of fish and an improved level of fish activity as they put on the fall “feedbag” before the true cold weather period.

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The angling for all species of fish this summer has remained very good all summer (as always ... some days are always difficult), but overall has been fairly consistent. With the pleasant forecast of the next couple weeks and the busy time that starts for most families right after Labor Day, now is a good time to get out fishing and enjoy the lakes.

Online fishing reports, local bait shop information and advice from friends or family who fish regularly can help improve decisions about lakes and techniques for your targeted species. Your odds of success improve if you plan and prepare before you go out.

Life does create limitations, so remember what some wise anglers before us noted: “The best time to go fishing ... is when you can.”