Well … we had a little bit of September in August, a little bit of August and October in September, now we are getting a little of November in October … so it stands to this year’s weather logic, we will get some September yet in October and some October in November.

That means you are not to worry about this unusual weather occurrence. We will have at least another month of open water with some nice days to enjoy the fall bite!

Fishing is a healthy distraction when it comes to dealing with life’s challenges. Everybody needs to escape the insanity we will all contend with at times in work, family, friends, politics, daily news, and society. Fishing provides an opportunity to observe and enjoy nature, clear your mind, breathe fresh air, focus on the here and now of what you are doing, participate in healthy “man (universal term) against nature,” and feed a positive need for an adrenaline fix.

Everyone needs to escape at times. That’s why we have hobbies. Some ways people go about escaping can be unhealthy and lead to poor choices. Some ways people escape can have harmful consequences and actually rob you of your peace of mind and happiness.

I once thought years ago that if everyone fished and experienced the joy that comes with that experience, the world would be a better place. I soon realized, that it is just important for me to fish to make my world a better place.

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Plus … I realized, I don’t want that many other people fishing any of my spots! Many others find passion in other healthy pursuits, like running, hunting, woodworking, bowling, painting, playing music, etc. If you have found your passion in fishing, than you and I share a common bond that is hard to put into words.

We have the upcoming ice fishing season just around the corner. I know some anglers that get very excited for the hard water season, and get impatient for it to come. I enjoy ice fishing, I look forward to it some, but my biggest passion for fishing is being on the open water. I grieve the loss of open water and do things in my life to extend my open water season to feed that passion. Some of these ice addicts live for fishing in the winter, and when the season starts to come to an end … they go north when most go south to extend their season of passion.

The water temps hung in the mid 50 degree range all week, but with this snow and cold, water temps will drop significantly. After this anomaly, fish should set up to be more consistent until we do ice over.

The last few weeks have been as up and down with fishing consistency as the weather. There will be no problem at any of the accesses for getting boats off and on trailers right up until ice up, with the additional rain and snow. Sorry ice addicts … you will still have to wait awhile, I know this weather really got you in the mood.

(Laabs owns Brad Laabs Guide Service in Detroit Lakes)