Panthers, Lakers duel to final event

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Lexi Gerdes swam to a win in the individual medley during a tight meet with rivals Park Rapids at the DLCCC Thursday night. Robert Williams / Tribune

Detroit Lakes and Park Rapids renewed their conference rivalry in swimming and diving with the Panthers handing the Lakers the first loss of the season 99.5-86.5 winning the meet in the last relay Thursday at the DLCCC Aquatic Center.

“A great effort by the team,” head coach Carol McCarthy said. “We always look forward to swimming against Park Rapids because they always come with good, old-fashion rivalry. It doesn't matter what kind of season either of us is having, it's about racing--and we have lots of time drops in the end.”

Detroit Lakes came into the meet undefeated in seven meets, including a win at Park Rapids by 20 points on Sept. 1. That has been the only close meet until Thursday.

“We needed this meet right now,” McCarthy said. “The girls have been working hard and it's paying off--two weeks left. We've been fortunate, for the most part, to make it this far. We have had a few kids in that virus-test purgatory but hopefully we can get them back in time to wrap up at sections.”

DL’s top events Thursday were in diving and the breaststroke.


Ellie Hultin scored 159.15 points to place first on the board, followed by Hope Hamm (152.60). Park Rapids Brielle Krabbenhoft and DL’s Ava Funk tied with 146.45, accounting for the half-point in the team scores.

Madi Gerdes (1:12.11), Lexi Gerdes (1:13.57) and Ellie Staley (1:16.91) swept the breaststroke.

Kaitlyn Peterson (2:03.07) and Faith Hamm (2:04.04) had the top two 200-free times. Peterson won again in the 500-free (5:41.87). Faith Hamm won the 100-free in 55.95.

Lexi Gerdes placed first in the individual medley (2:24.40).

Park Rapids had the top three 50-free times and top two times in the fly, while sweeping all three relays.

The Panthers outscored DL 10-4 with first and third places in the final event, the 400-free, after leading 89.5-82.5 coming into the 400 to seal the team victory.

DL competes at Fosston next Tuesday, Oct. 13. Sections will be held in pods with DL hosting two other teams Oct. 24.

Park Rapids 99.5, Detroit Lakes 86.5


(JV: Detroit Lakes 86, Park Rapids 54)

200 Medley relay

1 PRPD A 2:03.25

2 DLKS-MN A 2:03.56 (Wendt, Rylie; Gerdes, Madi; Gerdes, Lexi; Martin, Cora)

3 DLKS-MN B 2:03.85 (Peterson, Kaitlyn; Staley, Ellie; Hamm, Faith; Rogstad, Quinn)

200 Freestyle

1 Peterson, Kaitlyn DLKS-MN 2:03.07

2 Hamm, Faith DLKS-MN 2:04.04


6 Rogstad, Quinn DLKS-MN 2:19.28

200 Individual Medley

1 Gerdes, Lexi DLKS-MN 2:24.40

4 Gerdes, Madi DLKS-MN 2:33.69

6 Martin, Marian DLKS-MN 2:51.73

50 Freestyle

1 Ulvin, Ellie PRPD 25.74

4 Wendt, Rylie DLKS-MN 27.57


5 Bolar, Jessica DLKS-MN 28.67

6 Cannon, Rebecca DLKS-MN 29.58

1m Diving

1 Hultin, Ellie DLKS-MN 159.15

2 Hamm, Hope DLKS-MN 152.60

T3 Krabbenhoft, Brielle PRPD 146.45

T3 Funk, Ava DLKS-MN 146.45

5 Vrieze, Laney PRPD 133.00


100 Butterfly

1 Damar, Savana PRPD 1:08.75

3 Martin, Cora DLKS-MN 1:12.52

4 Imholte, Isabella DLKS-MN 1:14.92

100 Freestyle

1 Hamm, Faith DLKS-MN 55.95

5 Bolar, Jessica DLKS-MN 1:04.92

6 Cannon, Rebecca DLKS-MN 1:08.36


500 Freestyle

1 Peterson, Kaitlyn DLKS-MN 5:41.87

4 Staley, Ellie DLKS-MN 6:03.21

5 Rogstad, Quinn DLKS-MN 6:17.98

200 Freestyle relay

1 PRPD A 1:47.22

2 DLKS-MN A 1:53.62 (Wendt, Rylie; Gerdes, Madi; Martin, Cora; Bolar, Jessica)

4 DLKS-MN B 2:01.63 (Cannon, Rebecca; Imholte, Isabella; Blake, Lexi; Martin, Marian)

100 Backstroke

1 Voigt, Aleah PRPD 1:06.09

2 Wendt, Rylie DLKS-MN 1:10.52

5 Barberg, Hannah DLKS-MN 1:16.20

6 Peterson, Emily DLKS-MN 1:16.91

100 Breaststroke

1 Gerdes, Madi DLKS-MN 1:12.11

2 Gerdes, Lexi DLKS-MN 1:13.57

3 Staley, Ellie DLKS-MN 1:16.91

400 Freestyle relay

1 PRPD A 3:52.77

2 DLKS-MN A 3:56.02 (Peterson, Kaitlyn; Gerdes, Lexi; Rogstad, Quinn; Hamm, Faith)

4 DLKS-MN B 4:34.10 (Bolar, Jessica; Martin, Marian; Blake, Lexi; Staley, Ellie)

Robert Williams has been a sports editor for Forum Communications in Perham and Detroit Lakes since 2011.
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