Track and field: Johnson breaks school record in hurdles, girls place 4th and boys place 9th at State True Team AA Meet

Even though the Lakers didn’t have a first-place finisher, the teams finished strong in Stillwater on Saturday, May 20.

Detroit Lakes track and field

STILLWATER – The Detroit Lakes track and field teams tied their laces and competed at the State True Team AA Meet on Saturday, May 20 in Stillwater.

The girls finished in fourth with a team score of 469, highlighted by Rylee Johnson’s record-breaking performance in the 100-meter hurdles. The boys placed 9th with 367 team points.

Johnson soared into the Detroit Lakes record books in the 100-meter hurdles with her time of 15.14. She beat the previous record of 15.32 set by Jessica Stetler back in 2010. Johnson also took second in the high jump (5 feet).

Abby Larson placed second in the 100-meter dash (12.55) and fifth in the 200-meter dash (26.59). Jacee Hauser took fourth in the shot put (36 feet, 1.25 inches) and Elle Bettcher secured a podium spot in the discus with a fourth-place finish (111 feet, 4 inches). Jerzie Horner vaulted to third place (10 feet, 3 inches) in the pole vault. Grace Gunderson placed fifth (4 feet, 10 inches) in the high jump.

Ella Paulson secured eighth in the 100-meter dash (12,98) and 14th in the 200-meter dash (27.55). Lila Kallstrom placed 13th (1:04.13) and Sadie Johnson finished 22nd (1:08.28) in the 400-meter dash. Hannah Barberg took ninth (2:29.37) and Marin Johnson ended in 14th (2:35.35) in the 800-meter dash. Julia Steffl placed 11th in the 1600-meter run (5:39.17) and was 12th (12:36.09) in the 3200-meter run. Amaya LeCleir was 19th in the 1600-meter run (5:55.96) and Natalie Mohr was 17th in the 3200-meter run.


Maddie Blahut placed 19th in the 100-meter hurdles (18.89) and 22nd in the 300-meter hurdles (55.01).

The 4x100-meter relay finished in 4th (50.30), the 4x200-meter relay team placed 8th, the 4x400-meter relay ended in 9th (4:20.28) and the 4x800-meter relay team crossed the finish line in 6th (10:26.25).

Brenna Skadsem was ninth in the shot put (33 feet, 4.25 inches). Alonna Moench finished in 11th in the pole vault (9 feet). Haydon King secured 14th (15 feet, 2.25 inches) and Mamie Hunter placed 16th (15 feet, 0.75 inches) in the long jump. Natalie Spindler was 12th (32 feet, 2.25 inches) and Lily Anderson was 18th (30 feet, 4 inches) in the triple jump.

On the boys' side, Ethan Carrier had a nice day, finishing second in the 100-meter dash (11.02) and third in the 200-meter dash (22.51). Mason Carrier also secured a podium spot in the 100-meter dash with a sixth-place finish (11.24) and in the shot put (50 feet, 3 inches). Evan Thomas took the bronze medal in the 400-meter dash (52.21). Isaac Cariveau tossed himself onto the podium with a sixth-place finish in the shot put (48 feet, 7.25 inches). Lawson Greene secured the silver medal in the discus (152 feet, 1 inch). Thomas soared to a fifth-place finish in the high jump (6 feet). Brandton Marsh leaped to third in the long jump (20 feet, 0.50 inches) and seventh in the triple jump (40 feet, 3 inches).

Tyler Ostilie was 22nd in the 200-meter dash (24.97). Tyler Bye placed 23rd in the 400-meter dash (57.10). Connor Jensen finished ninth (2:06.00) and Ryan Erickson finished 20th (2:12.98) in the 800-meter dash. Micah Barberg crossed the finish line in 19th (5:10.70) and Brayden Francis placed 20th (5:10.71) in the 1600-meter run. Barberg was 21st (11:41.81) and Hunter Zehnacker was 23rd (12:07.35) in the 3200-meter run.

Brady Wirtz leaped into 11th place (16.76) and Lawson Greene was 16th in the 110-meter hurdles. Marsh hurdled into 12th place (44.12) and Noah Larson was 24th (51.04) in the 300-meter hurdles.

The 4x100-meter relay team was disqualified due to a bad exchange between the first and second runners. The 4x200-meter relay team placed 9th (1:35.58), the 4x400-meter relay team finished in 10th (3:45.71) and the 4x800-meter relay team ended in 8th (8:46.93).

Braydon Sjoblom spun his way to a 12th-place finish in the discus (123 feet, 2 inches). Jake Pavek leaped to an eighth-place finish in the high jump (5 feet, 10 inches). Coye Braten was 17th (10 feet) and Glenn Simons was 22nd (8 feet) in the pole vault. Ethan Carrier soared to a 17th-place finish in the long jump (17 feet, 5.5 inches) and Bryant Kulzer was 22nd in the triple jump (37 feet, 1.50 inches).


STATE TRUE TEAM AA GIRLS TEAM SCORES- 1- Rocori 589.5, 2- Mankato East 551, 3- Eden Valley-Watkins/Kimball 471, 4- Detroit Lakes 469, 5- Byron 426.5, T-6- Willmar 425.5, T-6- Belle Plaine 425.5, 8- Chisago Lakes 386.5, 9- Winona 361.5, 10- Mound-Westonka 360, 11- Simley 343, 12- Academy of Holy Angels 332

STATE TRUE TEAM AA BOYS TEAM SCORES- 1- Mankato East 531, 2- St. Thomas Academy 528, 3- Stewartville 471, 4- Willmar 412.5, 5- Worthington 411.5, 6- Faribault 396.5, 7- Pine Island 387.5, 9- Detroit Lakes 367, 10- Cloquet 344, 11- Totino-Grace 341, 12- Byron 320

DETROIT LAKES GIRLS STATE TRUE TEAM AA INDIVIDUAL FINISHES- 100M- 2nd- Abby Larson 12.55, 8th- Ella Paulson 12.98

200M- 5th- Abby Larson 26.59, 14th- Ella Paulson 27.55

400M- 13th- Lila Kallstrom 1:04.13, 22nd- Sadie Johnson 1:08.28

800M- 9th- Hannah Barberg 2:29.37, 14th- Marin Johnson 2:35.35

1600M- 11th- Julia Steffl 5:39.17, 19th- Amaya LeCleir 5:55.96

3200M- 12th- Julia Steffl 12:36.09, 17th- Natalie Mohn 13:04.73


100M HURLES- 3rd- Rylee Johnson 15.14, 19th- Maddie Blahut 18.89

300M HURDLES- 9th- Mallory Fisher 50.49, 22nd- Maddie Blahut 55.01,

4x100M RELAY- 4th- 50.30

4x200M RELAY- 8th- 1:50.21

4x400M RELAY- 9th- 4:20.28

4x800M RELAY- 6th- 10:26.25

SHOT PUT- 4th- Jacee Hauser 36’ 1.25”, 9th- Brenna Skadsem 33’ 4.25”

DISCUS- 4th- Elle Bettcher 111’ 4”, 8th- Jacee Hauser 104’ 3”


HIGH JUMP- 2nd- Rylee Johnson 5’, 5th- Grace Gunderson 4’ 10”

POLE VAULT- 3rd- Jerzie Horner 10’ 3”, 11th- Alonna Moench 9’

LONG JUMP- 14th- Haydon King 15’ 2.25’, 16th- Mamie Hunter 15’ 0.75”

TRIPLE JUMP- 12th- Natalie Splinder 32’ 2.25”, 18th- Lily Anderson 30’ 4”

DETROIT LAKES GIRLS STATE TRUE TEAM AA INDIVIDUAL FINISHES- 100M- 2nd- Ethan Carrier 11.02, 6th- Mason Carrier 11.24

200M- 3rd- Mason Carrier 22.51, 22nd- Tyler Ostilie 24.97

400M- 3rd- Evan Thomas 52.21, 23rd- Tyler Bye 57.10

800M- 9th- Connor Jensen 2:06.00, 20th- Ryan Erickson 2:12.98


1600M- 19th- Micah Barberg 5:10.70, 20th- Brayden Francis 5:10.71

3200M- 21st- Micah Barberg 11:41. 81, 23rd- Hunter Zahnacker 12:07.35

110M HURDLES- 11th- Brady Wirtz 44.12, 16th- Lawson Greene 17.47

300M HURDLES- 12th- Brandton Marsh 44.12, 24th- Noah Larson 51.04

4x200M RELAY- 9th- 1:35.58

4x400M RELAY- 10th- 3:45.71

4x800M RELAY- 8th- 8:46.93

SHOT PUT- 4th- Mason Carrier 50’ 3”, 6th- Isaac Cariveau 48’ 7.25’


DISCUS- 2nd- Lawson Greene 152’ 1”, 12th- Braydon Sjoblom 123’ 2”

HIGH JUMP- 5th- Evan Thomas 6’, 8th- Jake Pavek 5’ 10”

POLE VAULT- 17th- Coye Braten 10’, 22nd’ Glenn Simons 8’

LONG JUMP- 3rd- Brandton Marsh 20’ 0.5”, 17th- Ethan Carrier 17’ 5.5”

TRIPLE JUMP- 7th- Brandton Marsh 40’ 3”, 22nd- Bryant Kulzer 37’ 1.5’

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