The week of November 18 through 24 was a busy one at the Voyager Lanes holding both the Women and Men's All-City Bowling Tournaments. In order to participate in the handicapped tournament, bowlers must be sanctioned United State Bowling Congress members and a member of the Detroit Lakes Bowling Association (DLBA). The tournament was sponsored by the DLBA. A total of 150 bowlers participated in single, doubles, team and all events.

Taking home the honors in the All-Events category were Shirley Taves with a combined all events total pin score of 2,039 and Levi Johnson with a combined score of 2,163.

Whitney Buck took home the Women's singles with a score of 721 while Levi Johnson also won the Men's singles with a score of 764.

The women's doubles champions were Shirley Taves and Linda Atkins with a combined score of 1,331. Brian Anderson and Emil Belen won the men's doubles bowling a score of 1,461.

Wasche II won the Women's Team Event bowling a total score of 2,568. Members of the team were Whitney Buck, Sandra Buck, Rachel Kohler, and Marsha Olk.

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The men's team event was won by Gateway Chevrolet with a total pin score of 3,479. Members of the team were Calvin Kangas, Brad Endersbe, Levi Johnson, Roger Saba, and Donald Tollefson.