After the Minnesota State High School League cancelled spring sports last week, many teams across the state are heartbroken. Including the Detroit Lakes softball team. Just four practices into their 2020 season, everything came to a halt.

“The fact that it’s not happening, it sucks,” said Laura Prussia.

It's a senior year that Laura and Taylor Prussia never could have fathomed.

“I always thought my senior year was going to be like the breakout year, just doing my best and helping my team get all the wins that we could,” said Laura.

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These two are more than just teammates on the Detroit Lakes softball team. They’re also twin sisters, who play right next to one another in the outfield.

“It’s really fun just being able to play with her (Taylor), she’s helped me grow so much and I’ve helped her. Especially with us last year, her playing right field and me playing center, there was a lot of trust between us. It was just really fun playing with her, it would have been good to have one more year out in the outfield with her,” said Laura.

What’s even more special, the Lakers are coming off the best season in program history.

“I think it just brought us closer together and gave us a really great memory that we can have forever,” said Taylor.

Despite being down three runs in the final inning of last season’s Section 8AAA Championship, Detroit Lakes fought back to win, earning their first trip ever to the state tournament.

“Just crossing that base to tie it up and then my teammate coming after me, it was just a euphoric feeling,” said Taylor.

This year it was supposed to be first year head coach Tom Vagle’s job to help defend that section title.

“I’m the only Detroit Lakes softball coach to go undefeated, but they of course didn’t mention how many wins we had either,” said Vagle.

Now the Lakers are like thousands of teams with a canceled season and questioning what could have been.

“I was really looking forward to this year with the two of them and the other seniors as well, just stepping into those leadership roles. Because that’s what we eventually want, it’s a process bringing them from ninth grade when they come in, and they’re maybe in awe being next to the seniors, and then moving forward. The part that saddens me the most probably is what the girls could have learned this year in those leadership roles and that’s something that they can never get back,” said Vagle.

But if there’s anyway to end a career on your home field, you might as well have some hardware to show for it.

“That’s definitely the most remembered game in my mind and ever will be. So it was really cool that that was our last game, even though we didn't get to play this year, that is what I would have preferred to be my last game,” said Taylor.

“It was just awesome having that feeling, and just feeling on top of the world. So if that has to be my last game, I like that it has to be that,” said Laura.

The Prussia twins are two of five seniors on the Detroit Lakes softball roster, along with Heather Haarstick, Rhiannon Triggs and Sara Freeman. Both Laura and Taylor will be attending the University of North Dakota for college.